Psychedelic Sundays

Sunday, July 30, 2017 –

I’ve mentioned we recently built a shop.  It is attached to an existing two-car garage, attached to our home.  The shop is 24 ft. x 26 ft, insulated with skylights and LED lighting.

This morning, I’ve been moving stuff around deciding which wall will be for tools vs. storage shelves.  Anyway,,,,,

Here’s a look at the early stages of creation:

Patty and I split a Turkey, on sour-dough with mayo, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  Just as we finished lunch, we hear this unfamiliar thumping of an engine.  We walked out on the porch to this:

   DSCF2104.JPG  DSCF2098.JPGIt’s Contractor Jay on his new to him Harley

Jay had stayed for a bottle of beer we had brought back from Utah with us last week.

Berlin being from Minnesota like Jay,  gave me this “Grain Belt” beer to pack a 1,000 miles and give to Jay because these two guys are both Viking fans.

Apparently, this creates a bond that requires us to be their mule.  So we did.

Jay left, and we went in and split a Turkey Sandwich on sour dough with mayo, cheese,

Later, and early in the evening we wanted to treat Lauren out to dinner for staying with us this weekend to help launch this web-site and story.

We left for the Volcano Union Inn & Restaurant in the village of Volcano.  It is one of two restaurants we have in town.  Lauren had Salmon, Patty had Gnooci, and I had a Lamb Burger with fries.

For dessert Lauren had a Blueberry pastry with cream.  We had a Raspberry tart

DSCF2117   DSCF2116

If you have an interest I’ve added some links describing our area here in Amador County.

Volcano Inn & Restaurant
St. George Hotel, Restaurant & Whiskey Flats Saloon
Volcano California
Amador County, What to Do


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