Reminiscing on a Manic Monday

Monday, July 31, 2017 –

Having a cup of coffee early this Monday morning, and thinking back on yesterday seeing Jay on that new Harley and feeling his excitement reminded me of my past riding days……

I bought my first bike in 1971.  it was a 1962 Harley Panhead.  Then I bought another Pan from a guy who had just wrecked his bike and was in the hospital.

I went to the hospital and talked to him about it, and he sold me his wrecked bike for $500.

A few days later, out of the hospital, he felt better and wanted his bike back.  I sold it back to him for $750 and bought this 1944 Harley Knucklehead for the $750.  The picture below was taken in the spring of ’77.

This was taken when I first moved off the Ranch in Monarch Utah and came to California seeking fame and fortune.  More about that adventure later….

Ron 1977.jpg

1944 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Then there were those the Ron 1972Outlaw days.  I rode with a club out of Salt Lake City:  1971-1972. They’re a little bigger and more established today.

I had to get out of that deal due to a conflict in philosophies.

While a difficult task, I dropped my colors.  I was not into the violent nature of outlaw business.


At the time I was more into the ride, the ladies, and partying.  I guess that activity stayed with me for a few more years beyond.

I rode independently for the next 43 years until wrecked out.

Below is my last bike.  2007 Honda Goldwing, 1832cc, 6 cyl.

Rons 1832cc Goldwing

We have an appointment this morning at 10:30am with a financial planner in Jackson. We’re moving some funds  for funs.

Then we’re meeting a man who’s interested in seeing our Honda car that’s for sale.  Any luck with that and we’ll be back to one car.  Yay!

Afterward, we’ll be off to the Valley to donate blood and check if those white blood cells are up enough to allow another chemo treatment later this week, and to check the sodium level.

This low sodium thing leaves my mind with diminished capabilities.  It’s difficult to concentrate when the numbers are low.  I lose track of what I’m doing, and have to stop to re-group often.  Working on this story and our home-based business can be a real challenge at times.

However, I expect those sodium levels are back up somewhat today, as I’ve had a productive morning preparing Emails for marketing our goods created by Patty on our home-based business web-site Welcome Pillows,

While Patty’s had an internet business located at Chateau Three Fork for seven years or so, (This is the name of our Home in Volcano as well), we just started Welcome Pillows one year ago, and incorporated a different marketing strategy.

Feel free to click on the link.  Shop often and shop early with us anytime.  Remember, the parking is always free!

We made our 10am appointment with Russ Brown of RNA Financial.  Russ is a Financial Advisor in Jackson.  We wrapped up discussions at 11:00am to meet with Carlos, the potential car buyer.

We made an appointment with Carlos for 11:00am in the parking lot where RNA resides.  Carlos responded to our ad on Craig’s List offering our Accord for sale.  He called two hours after Patty posted it expressing an interest in the car.  He was the first to call.

He met us in the parking lot here at 11:00am and agreed to buy the car.  That’s done, and we’re on our way to Mather AFB to give the blood.

RNA Financial                                 Russ Brown

We arrived at the hospital lab and took care of business.

After the blood letting, we went into the cafeteria at the hospital for lunch, first stopping at a kiosk selling hats, and we each bought a new hat.

The food is good and inexpensive here, and they don’t charge sales tax.

Patty had a veggie type wrap, and I had fried chicken, mixed veggie’s, a roll, and iced tea.

New Hats and Lunch!

After a late lunch we did some shopping at Costco, bought fuel, and headed for Volcano, stopping for ice cream at “Smoosh” in Folsom on the way out.

This is a retail ice cream sandwich business, where you buy a cookie, ice cream, and add the toppings you prefer.  I had a scoop of ice cream only, “Insanely Chocolate”.

Our Son-in-Law Brandon, and daughter Veronica have an interest in this newly established business, with two locations.  They are located in Rocklin and Folsom.


We got back home about 6:00pm.

As I reflect on the last day of the month this July, I have come to believe in a new truth –

Looking back on the month of July, we have been in and out of the hospital, sent 50,000 Emails out for our Welcome Pillows home-based business.  We bought a car, and we sold a car.  We’ve been 2,000 miles through Utah and back, bought and developed a new to us web-site to launch this story, and wrote chapters to this story almost daily.  We’ve moved assets around for the future,  stopped smoking and drinking, changed our diet to organic foods, started on about ten different multi-vitamins, and almost completed building out a guest bath, and that’s beyond the regular stuff that goes on around here everyday.

Well, I’ve come to believe in this truth; if you don’t slow down, you can’t go down.

you just won’t have time 🙂

Keep those you love close to you, and let them know you love them…..  Good night,




4 thoughts on “Reminiscing on a Manic Monday

  1. So I have to/get to read Faubion’s blog to say “Hey” to you two Ronnie’s! Love you guys & Joco & the amazing PATTY! Works for me…Love & Peace ~ suzie p

  2. I remember cutting the Baron patch off of your scottie in the living room of the house you and I shared with Gloria and Sharon. Do you still have the patch or did you have to give it back to Teach?

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