Toasted Tuesday

We’re in the midst of another heat wave.  I wish those people would stop their global warming.   Inside of a year we’ve gone from a severe drought, to record rainfalls, to this summer’s multiple heat waves.   Triple digit temps abide all this week.

We received an Email later in the evening last night from the VA Hospital scheduling an appointment for this Friday to start the third chemo treatments we had to put off last week, due to low white blood cell count.

What’s so disappointing about this is having to cancel a visit from some folks we truly enjoy, and we were looking forward to seeing this coming weekend.  They are Taylor (Bee), Jeremy, and Stephanie.  Bee and Steph were bartenders at the Whiskey Flats Saloon located inside the St. George Hotel in Volcano at the time Patty and I bought our home seven years ago.

Patty and I were up here every weekend, all through the month-long escrow, and each weekend found us in the historic Whiskey Flats Saloon with these ladies.  Jeremy became Bee’s boyfriend some years ago (now fiancee), and we had the pleasure of meeting him then.  It’s been about three years since we last saw them. They stayed in our bus for the night then.

We had all planned to get together this Friday night here, but the chemo treatment in Sacramento, together with the travel time would put us back here too late to get it together for a dinner and a night’s stay for all of us.  Not to mention the possible unanticipated negative reaction I could have to the poison they put in me.

Now we’ve cancelled until Bee and Jeremy return from a vacation in Hawaii. Disappointing.  Bee was the first person we met in this country.  She has always held a special place in my heart.  Her smile continues to take me to a happy place.  She is such a beautiful person!

It’s lunch time.  I asked Patty if she was hungry?  She said she wasn’t and scampered off to her work studio to put together the most recent pillow order and get them to the post office in Volcano this afternoon.

I think she is a little hungry, but feeling the need to get this order going, she might be foregoing eating.  So I made her a surprise lunch, which we enjoyed together.


Turkey and Avocado on Sour Dough with Mayo.  Garnish includes:  Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced Pickled Yellow Peppers, Whole Green Olives with Bruschetta Spread on the side.  Of course there’s Lays, and wine for Patty too.

We planned on working in the new bathroom together today, and got started around 10:00am installing the vanity.  The vanity we’re installing is an old slab of redwood burl that was laying out in the dirt at a neighbors house about four years ago.  I had asked what it was doing laying in the dirt?  Neighbor Scott said, “I’m throwing it out”.  I told him I wanted it and he gave to me.  I took it and re-finished it.  Four years later it’s the guest vanity top.

We got it installed, and next put up the vanity lights with LED bulbs, the mirror, and stepped away to take a look.

Finally, the end is in sight and our guests are going to love their new spa bathroom soon!


It looks like our car buyer flaked.  Carlos had committed to buy the car.  He said he’d pick it up today, but he’s a no-show.

Patty called two other people who were interested.  We’re not concerned, nor in a hurry.











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