Crow, Ripping off Gum Ball Machines, and Sweet Nothings…..

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Started the day off with a Sheryl Crow video/song “Easy”.  I think she’s gonna be my next very best girlfriend?

I got this Facebook thing going in conjunction with our web site, and like many of you, it has brought me to connect with some old friends from the past.

I just had a contact with Pretty Boy Boyd.  He’s an old Hippy from the early 70’s, and is struggling with the C as well.  I just love these old dudes.  Nothing stops us now — All the best of luck to you Pretty Boy!

Do you remember the gum ball machine with no gum balls I bought from Skip?  We had loaded it with M&M’s instead of gum.  The gum balls were too big for the machine.  I also mentioned you didn’t get very many M&M candies out for the money.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This morning I figured out how to rip myself off for the M&M’s, and I got a handful for a nickel.  Even though I found you can use any denomination of coin.  Just like the old days!

Actually, I hate to tell anyone this, but I really found out you don’t even have to use a coin.  You can turn the handle back and forth rapidly, and M&M’s will tumble out into you palm.

If this gets out, I don’t suppose it will be as profitable as I once envisioned 😦

I drove Thumper down to neighbor Mike.  He was putting up a long run of fencing to keep his two Jack Russel dogs contained.

While there, Patty walked down to let me know Sam had called from Angel’s Camp, and would be stopping in on their way home to Roseville.   I said I was going to help Mike with some fencing, and she could take Thumper home, and come back to get me before they arrived.

I had on flip flops, but had packed a pair of socks and my boots in the dump bed of Thumper and was able to slip those on before Patty left for home, and help with the fence a little.
Sam Crystal family

An hour later, Mike was ready to ride his ATV up to get his daily newspaper at our community mailboxes.  I rod on the back to our house.

Sam & Chrystal with two of their four children stopped arrived a short time afterward.

Sam is the brother of Brandon who is my son-in-law, married to my daughter, Veronica.

‘Sam and Family have been vacationing in Angel’s Camp, just 45 minutes, maybe a little more south of us.  Chrystal and the two children left after a short visit, but Sam stayed and helped us around here with some lifting and moving stuff about.

We broke for lunch and I made us some sandwiches.

Sliced Marinated pork roast on toasted sour dough with Mayo and Butter, melted cream jack cheese laced with Jalapeno.  Add Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, and a dash of Mrs. Dash Spice.  Served with Lays of course.

We finished lunch off with Chocolate Pudding.DSCF2165

We had a great visit.  Sam was so helpful with those tasks taking more than one person to tackle.

He’s also a fine man, husband, and father.  A real American Hero!  (He actually raises his kids).

The kids collected a few eggs, and we added enough to send them home with a dozen farm fresh eggs.

Later on, Sam left in his car.  They had come here in two cars from Angel’s Camp.

Afterward, we took the Thumper down the road to visit with Al & Jackie.  They are in escrow to sell their home, which we hate to see them move, but they must do what they must.  They’re dear friends of many years, and great neighbors.  We’ll miss them.  As you may have noticed, we’re a tight neighborhood.

Oh, and by the way – it looks like Patty re-sold the car that didn’t actually sell to Carlos yesterday as we thought.  Marta is buying it Saturday.  She is neighbor Al & Jackie’s son’s mother-in-law.  Her son is married to Marta’s daughter.  It gets complicated up here sometimes.

We got back home early evening.  I started clearing the walls in the shop of stuff, so I might install the bar under the shop window tomorrow.  The bar top is ready to go up.

Patty suggested we go in for the night at 8:30pm.  That sounded like a good idea.  I closed up shop, Patty made some popcorn for dinner, and we’ll call it a day.

Thanks for dropping in……..



One thought on “Crow, Ripping off Gum Ball Machines, and Sweet Nothings…..

  1. Had a good time with the two of you today. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
    It only took just over an hour to get home. I love driving that road next time I’ll try to bring my bike.
    Until next time, live well, be happy and stay busy.

    Your friend,
    Sam Mata

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