Chemo Friday

I would like to thank you for reading my story.  I appreciate you being here with me for the journey.  Funny that’s my Granddaughters first name, Journey.  You’ve all been so kind and considerate.  May I say simply, I just love you my friends.

We’re leaving for the VA Hospital at Mather AFB this morning.  My last Monday blood work says my white blood cell count is up enough to handle another chemo cocktail.  My sodium level was 134.  Normal is 135-145.

Patty and I both can tell when my numbers drop.  My mental state is the clue.  I have memory loss, (which makes blogging more difficult), and also become a little more irritable, and difficult to be around, (according to Patty).  Hang on Sloopy…

Have you met my beautiful daughter, Veronica?  She’s the Mother of three, and she’ll be with me for my 3 to 4 hour treatment today.  Patty will be there until she arrives.  I’m in good hands with these ladies here!  This will be starting the third round of poison today.

Ron and Veronica 6-17

I ran across this article this morning.  There’s a new gold rush on the horizon in California. Marijuana Co. buys Nipton, CA


Being gone to death valley most all the day, I didn’t get much of anything written.  We got home after 6:00pm, had dinner and neighbor Jackie’s Mother in Law came to buy the Honda.

I’m hoping a picture paints a thousand words. Because I don’t have many words to share today.

.Patty sat with me during my chemo cocktail until Veronica arrived.

Veronica was running late, and Patty had to get on with some other stops needed while in the Valley today.  After she left, and before Veronica arrived.  I was by myself in this private room getting my fix, and nothing to do but break out the camera.

While taking some pictures from my overly big recliner, I hit the button that puts the camera into the “selfie” mode.  I’ve not even used a cell phone for years, and this techy stuff has left me in a bit of a quandary.

The point being, I’ve never take a selfie before.  I decided I’d give this a go.  Keep in mind, this is the first time I’ve ever seen myself on the camera live.  I was holding the camera at different angles and seeing what the framed shot would look like, and I started cracking up!  I was laughing so hard I think the entire gallery of chemo junkies in the gallery next door could hear me.  I can only imagine they thought it was coming from the loony bin.

Happy hour came to a close, and we headed over to JBS Energy, Inc., West Sacramento to where I was working when the criminal retired me from active duty.

JBS is the company I was working for when I got wrecked has closed it’s doors.  The company did fine work as advocates for the rate payers in various utility jurisdictions.  Our economist have been working for T.U.R.N. in San Francisco as advocates for rate-payers for as long as I was there and even before.

The building is abandoned now, less one hanger-on.  Danny with his print shop next door. This is in West Sacramento, 3rd and D St.  I was fortunate enough to work here 18 years with the smartest, and finest people anywhere I’m sure of that.  My good friend Stan the Man took a flyer on me, and gave me this job years ago.  We’re still in love!


My office was located directly next to the train tracks.  A train came by every 20 minutes or so, and made it impossible to hear on the phone, but the rent was right..

We DSCF2204.JPG had called the property manager to allow us in the building to get a couple of things we’ve had stored in the basement for 15 years.  Danny, the next door print shop owner opens the gate to the building’s yard, providing access to the basement.

We picked up an antique chair and ottoman being stored there the past 15 years.  Patty will re-upholster it sometime in the next 15 years.

Tom, the property manager, whom I met before JBS, when I had my Business Brokerage Company, “FM Business Brokers”, threw in an aluminum push cart to be used in the shop.  It sits on six-wheels.  We packed up in the back of the SUV, and took home with us.

On the way home we stopped at Davis Ranch in Slough house for freshly picked corn on the cob.

We also stopped at Safeway in Jackson to graze through their organic food section, which we’d not done before.  We found a few things.

Although I don’t find Patty happy, or in agreement about my shopping techniques.  I like to store things at home.  She likes the store to store them, and buys in smaller quantities. Being a former Mormon, it isn’t my philosophy, and it’s tough to take.

Neighbors Al & Jackie’s Mother in Law with family in came to buy the Honda car. Everybody’s happy and on their way after a couple of hours.

Afterward, worn out, we called it a day.


5 thoughts on “Chemo Friday

  1. Think of us at Neal’s hippie reunion when you are doing your chemo- and we’ll be thinking of you.
    Jimmy the Vike

  2. KATHY and I look forwarded to get your blog,keep strong . Dan neubauer, for. P g r Rider,woodland .ca.

    Thinking about Comming up to see you,not sure if you are up for visitors

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