If you won’t slow down, you can’t go down. Nobody’s got time for that!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Looks like another busy day coming on.  Everyone that was here (in and out) over the weekend has left now.  We have more good friends coming in today.  Jim & Elaine from Shingle Springs will be here.  They’re always welcome.  We’ve known each other more than 14 years, but I don’t remember just how long beyond that actually.

Patty gave me my last dose of chemo for this session last night.  So far the nausea that accompanies this has not reared it’s ugly head yet.  Last round I didn’t get sick until the week I was usually supposed to feel well.  That’s why we planned the trip to Utah when we did.  I got nauseous on the way home, which again, was the week to feel good.  I asked the Doc about that and he said it was unusual to not have a regular pattern of illness and wellness.

Last Friday when I went to Mather Hospital for treatment a wonderful nurse named ` came in as usual, and said I looked well and even better than some others going through this.  I told her I was feeling pretty good, and “I am happier that I’ve ever been in my life”!

She got a perplexed look about her.  I said, “I know – it’s weird huh, but it’s the truth”.  It is the truth.  I can’t explain the contentment and satisfaction I have with life.  Especially with the circumstances, but “I don’t feel I’ve missed a thing, and I’m quite grateful for the things this life has brought me”.  Especially all the wonderful people that make me complete.

I’m satisfied with my home, and my home life. We’ve been remodeling for three years, and just got it the way we wanted and like it.

My wife is so close to perfect it can be irritating at times.  However, at the end of the day, I’m very happy to have such a great lady for my partner!, and for this I am grateful.
Joy abides at Chateau Three Fork.

Great America Amusement Park 1998

dscf13991.jpgOut friends Jim and Elaine called again.  Jim isn’t feeling well and they cancelled today’s trip, but will try again Wednesday.

Last year at this time we were with them in Riverside, CA where they re-married in the same church, with the reception in the same house they had 50 years go the first time married.  We were honored to be invited!                                                            Jim & Elaine, August 5, 2016.  50 Years and they still do

I decided to work on the bar.  Starting with a bare wall, we got far enough along with it that we went ahead and installed the bar top, and we got the stereo wired up and making music.  Patty helped me set and screw it to the wall.  While it’s still a work in progress, take an exclusive private preview…….


Our Daughter, Lauren launched a new phase to her business today.  She helps entrepreneurs, that are unorganized in finance, accounting, and organization, coordinating business practices with the Lunar Cycle.

lauren record keeping.jpg

Check out her web site.  It’s very cool!  Poppins Love



I went out to the chicken coop to collect eggs.  I’ve been noticing eggs being taken out of the nest and eaten.  I thought possibly at the time those skunks we caught last week were the culprits, but I know they couldn’t have gotten in the hen house last night, as it’s been secured.

                                                                                                                        Suspect #1

I’m afraid I have a egg suck’n cannibalistic chicken in the house.  I will have to do some reading to see how, or even if, this activity can be curtailed.  They eat enough without eating the end result, for even having them in the first place.

Have you ever heard of wine corks for mulch?  I hadn’t either, but somehow we got word this works.  There’s many more corks to add to the two planters in the front of our house.

No, we didn’t drink these all at once, but we did drink them all……


Wine Cork Mulch

Twelve-hour day is quite enough.  Thanks for dropping by… Bye Bye…

Fox 11-08-14– Fox- with an egg in the driveway – November 8, 2014


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