Wasn’t that a party?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We decided to have a last minute Impromptu BBQ today.

My Son, Kurtis came up to stay the night, and cook the steaks, baked potato, and corn on the cob we bought in Sloughhouse the day before.  We went into Volcano to hang with the boys on the group “W” bench.  This is a local meeting place in front of the General Store to share stories and a beer.  It’s almost a daily affair for them.

image1 (7)Kurt wanted to go into Pine Grove to buy some Jefferson paraphernalia.  We bought a couple of things there, and went to the feed store for more chicken feed.  It seems like the chickens are eating a lot.  We bought 100 lbs.

We got into Pine Grove and bought a few Jefferson things, and left for the feed store to buy more chicken feed.  Those birds are eating too much.


We went next door and got a couple of Tacos from Los Molinos, before heading back.

Toby and Barbara came up from the Valley for the BBQ.  They will stay the night too.






image1 (12)image1 (14)


image1 (11)



A little later on more folks showed up and a small party broke out.

Kurt fired up the BBQ and we enjoyed steak, Baked Potato, and the corn on the cob we bought yesterday.


20170805_195035   20170805_195012

20170805_195001   image1 (8)

20170805_155749 image1 (15).JPG

Kurt brought me this license plate I gave to him years ago.  It was a personalized plate that had our last name on it.  I bought this plate for a 1979 Audi 5000.  I was surprised he had this thing all these years.  I attached it to Thumper as you see.

image1 (19)

Funny card from Emma.  She’s just kidding I’m sure.

It was a long day again, and this broke down after midnight.  It was one of the best birthdays a person could hope for.  We had a number of close friends drop in.

I do appreciate the love my friends offer.  I love my friends from the east, and I love my friends from the West, but the ones I love best are scattered some.



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