Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 –

Chemo’s got me down a bit today.  It’s a strange illness it brings on.  It is difficult to even describe.  I know many out here know what I’m saying from their own experience.

Neighbors Jeff and Cindi got back from their camping in their 5th wheel.  They brought us Sloughhouse corn, melon, tomatoes, and a variety of other fresh goodies.  They are always bearing gifts, or a helping hand.

Neighbors Frank and Mike came over to help some more with the backyard fence.  Frank lives in Livermore with his wife Sue and children.  Frank and Sue usually come up from the Valley on the weekends.

Frank is up on a Tuesday to get his boat in shape for a weekend fishing trip up to Bear Reservoir.  It’s about 35 minutes up the mountain from us.  Franks said they just stocked the lake yesterday.

Frank is a working Framing and Concrete Contractor.  They have built a beautiful home down the road here.  He also built the addition to our home for the walk-in closet, and laundry room a few years ago.

Of course, you remember Neighbor (always helpful) Mike on the road here with Daughter Tami?  He instigated all this work actually.

We worked together for a couple of hours to get one side of the fence boards on.  One more of about 35 linear feet to go.

The gap in the fence is for a seven-foot drive-through gate.  Someday I will get that stack of bricks out of there (stacked to the right of the fence).  That’s the main purpose of having a gate at this time.


That job pretty much wiped me out for the day.  I hate this part!

Gonna haveta get after it again tomorrow.


One thought on “Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind

  1. I’m enjoying hanging out with ya via your daily blog, Faubion! I did diaries (hand-written) for Carly when Neal was 1st sick in 1978 (she was 2 months old). I’m glad to have them. You & Patty & your children will treasure your blog. Thanks from all of us!

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