Two for One…..

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – 

My last published blog was shown as Wednesday, but that was incorrect.  It was actually Tuesday, when it took place.  Not knowing what day it is a common trait among retired folk.  The real Wednesday is now published below:

Al and I left for Lowe’s in Jackson at 7:30am.  He needed plywood, and I needed screws, nails, hinges, and several other goodies.  I spent about $250 for all of this stuff.  I have a lot of fencing, and gates to build yet,

Later this morning I stopped in Volcano for a Blueberry Muffin at the local bakery, The Kneading Dough Bakery .  Volcano has just a few businesses.  The bakery and two hotels.  One with four rooms.  The other has 30 or more?  Two restaurants, one bar, a general store and the  Volcano Theater Company VTC1with 2 venues.  One outside for the summer plays and one inside, seating about 50 people.  We’ve seen some good plays here in the past.

Patty sews wardrobes for the theater company as a volunteer. She also has painted scenes for stage sets, and marquees. Here’s one she did last Christmas.

VTC Marquee

Volcano Theater 

Patty has left for a routine Doctor’s appointment with Kaiser in The Valley today. She returned about 3:00pm.

Jim and Elaine arrived shortly thereafter. We mostly just stumbled around seeing the changes made since they’ve last been here.

Then it was time to go to work:  We moved the stack of pecky cedar to allow Jeff to get in with his tractor tomorrow.  He’ll take a little of the berm down, and level it for the retaining wall to be erected here real soon….

The day was followed by a spaghetti and green salad dinner.  Jim added garlic toast.

Followed afterward with strawberries stuffed with homemade cheesecake.DSCF2229

Elaine made the cheesecake at her home, and brought it with her.  It is the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted.  It wasn’t overwhelmed with sugar, like so many are.

Delicious Strawberries, and Cheesecake….


Elaine is an artist, and truly creative.  Here’s what she made for Patty’s studio, and brought with her also.  Take life one stitch at a time, very apropos!

Thursday, August 10, 2017 –

Jeff arrived on his tractor at 7:30am to do some work for the day.  He spent a few hours on the project, and did a real nice job!  I don’t think it’s easy to learn how to efficiently operate a tractor.

We took a break mid-morning for breakfast   Farm fresh eggs, potatoes and sausage.

Jim and Elaine left for their home in Shingle Springs.  He was anxious to work on his own place, having spent his time helping us work here.  He has plenty to do too.  They are wonderful friends and beautiful people.

The retaining wall is coming together.  Patty helped dig post holes, and got five and a half dug by hand.  I’ve gotta appreciate the strength in this lady.  She gets it done!

Here’s the progress on the wall thus far.

I went to see neighborDSCF2251.JPG John just to hang out and visit.  He too is afflicted with lung cancer. John lives across the road from us.  He’s a former Assistant Fire Captain and EMT.

Presently, John owns Abel Auto Repair, near here but in Pioneer.  He’s the go to guy for auto repairs. Fairly priced and good work.

We visited for a couple of hours.  I enjoy the man’s company.  Another tough old Vet.


I left in Thumper for the house, and to have another fine spaghetti dinner.  Patty and I turned on a TV series we’ve been watching called, “Quarry”.  I didn’t see much, as I fell asleep as usual.  I think I’ve slept through five of the six episodes we’ve turned on lately. We made it to the bedroom sometime later to end this tiring day.



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