Saturday – just another bath day….

Saturday, August 12, 2017 –

It’s a beautiful day in Volcano, and will stay in upper 80’s this afternoon.  Patty drove us to neighbor Jeff and Cindi at 10:30 a.m.  They are riding with us to a Baptist Church in Pioneer to attend a memorial service for our neighbor Cindi, who’s husband name is Mark.

Cindi fought ovarian cancer bravely for five years.  In addition to her Church, Cindi belonged to a quilting group that Patty belongs to also, as do a number of other local ladies up here. Patty and Cindi were together often.  Cindi lived the second house from us on the same side of the road.  Mark now lives there alone.

I will always have the highest respect for her class and dignity in the way she dealt with cancer and her imminent death, only ever revealing her strength, and resolve.  She never complained, nor slowed much for the five years of battle.  This leaves three of us on our road taking on the fight.  RIP Cindi….

After the service, which I found an excellent production, we retreated downstairs into a basement where a buffet lunch was served.  It was a great spread of food, and of course with dessert 😉

Leaving the church, we stopped at Contractor Jay’s house.  Al & Jackie followed us there too.

We both had business with Jay.Al needs Jay to drive his Bobcat to his house to lift a backhoe onto a trailer.  Al’s nephew, Doug bought this backhoe from Jeff.  Al is loading, and hauling the backhoe to Doug in Nevada.  Al will be using Jeff’s trailer.

I ordered sixteen 8′ cedar 2’x 4′ studs for more fence cross-bracing.   I also agreed to buy Jay’s sawdust collector for $200.  It will installed on the outside wall of the shop.  The vacuum hoses will run inside to be attached to the shop saws.  I’ll show you when we get it installed.

Shed Frame

Sitting at the computer this afternoon, I ran across this ad for the framing of a 7’x 8′ shed for $75., and bought it.  I don’t think you could frame this size shed using wood for $75?  Deal?

After getting back home and dropping Jeff and Cindi off at their house, Jeff brought his tractor us again, only this time to scoop up rocks I had piled up from grading the RV pad.  It saved me multiple wheelbarrow trips back and forth hauling heavy rock.

Late afternoon, I did a cleaning out of stuff in the tractor shed.  I’m going to somehow get one of my trailers in there with the tractor.

Stay tuned for that,,,,,,, and thanks for reading,,,

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