A Gathering

Sunday, August 13, 2017 – 

Up early as usual, but feeling especially good these past three days.  I finished the 3rd round of chemo a week ago.  Normally, I should be nauseous this time of the month, but I’m not so much again this session.  I hope the pattern holds.

Last round I was sick in the final week of the cycle, which is a period I should have felt the best.  I feel a little stronger lately too.  I was able to work a little more efficiently in the later afternoon yesterday.

I received an Email today from Craig and Diane in Monarch Utah.  Remember that’s where I lived on the Ranch back in the mid 70’s, and we visited there a few weeks ago? He attached these pictures of Craig, me, and Ernie.

I met Ernie back in 1974 in Monarch Utah, right after I had moved up to the Ranch.  His family owned all the property surrounding ours, less the north side, which bordered the Uinta Indian Reservation.

I was on foot out on the road fronting our property, when Ernie, his father, and another unknown person rode up on me on their horses.  They surrounded me, and their horses were so close, they were pushing their heads into me, and blowing snot all over .

I had just started seeing Karen, the mother of our children,   Karen was 19 years old, and pretty much staying at my place in Monarch then.  Her Father, Rex was a prominent member of the community, a well-respected businessman and major cattle rancher in the County.

So these rednecks have me rounded up with their horses, and Ernie’s Dad, Doug says, “whatcha do’in up here with Rex’s daughter”?  And as I’m being jostled by their horses, I said, “visiting”?

Well, it didn’t become anything other than a harrowing experience, laced with some fear. The local ranchers didn’t take to kindly to Hippie’s moving into the area in those days. There was a recent story going around back then that a Hippie got hung from a light post in Vernal, a town thirty-five miles away from us.  Keep in mind, this was virgin Mormon country at that time.  They didn’t have quite the same philosophy as some of us.

Ron and Karen

This is Karen and me in 1975, after moving to California.  Do you remember Leisure Suits?  Awful!

Karen and I have an amicable relationship today. She remains a special women in my and our children’s hearts.

She has been very supportive with my recovery from first my wreck, and now with cancer.

We have both remarried and are happy, but we have a past together.  It is what it is.

Karen & Ron 1975, San Jose, California

About 1991 well after moving to California I was back at the Ranch for a visit with Patty. We were around a camp fire when Ernie shows up dressed up like a Hippie at a gathering we had at the Ranch.  He came to apologize for that incident all through the night over and over again.  I told him it was all good, and no worries, but he kept on through the night.  Ernie died a couple of years ago.  Mostly due to alcohol use.

                                            Serious                                                 Not

2:00 pm – We left the house for Carmichael in the Valley.  We are going to a former co-worker, Jeff and Sharon’s home.  They are putting on a dinner for the former employees of the company I retired from, JBS Energy, Inc.   Most of the Employees and Owners are now retired also.  It was a perfect day of weather for a pool party.

Jeff and Sharon provided Carnitas Tacos and sides.  It was delicious!  Both are good in the kitchen.  Sharon sent us home with homemade zucchini bread.  Again, delicious!  Their home is beautiful and the backyard is landscaped perfectly, with a large pool.

It was a fun, fun day.  These are the folks I worked with for 18 years.  They are the smartest people I’ve met, and it was a pleasure to be with them so long.  I will always be grateful for the opportunity that my friend Stan provided us with this job.

Things wound down about midnight.  Jeff and Sharon had offered a room to us, but loving our own pillow, we left and got home about 1:00am.  Great time!!!



Thank you Jeff and Sharon for sharing your home with us and all the good food you had for all.  Thanks for being great friends too!

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