The little boy’s toy store….

Monday, August 14, 2017 –


Started the day with peaches and cream.  The peaches are good this year.  They may be good every year, but I wouldn’t know.  I just started eating fruit on a regular basis.

Patty finished digging the holes for  the retaining wall posts.  Then we set the posts in cement.  It was early this morning before the sun lit upon the area.  The afternoons make it impossible to work this area with a full sun in the summer.

The afternoon took us into Jackson to buy more hardware from Lowe’s (the little boy’s toy store).  We also bought four sets of bar clamps and the steel pipe to make four, four-foot clamps.  I will use these to build another barn door Patty would like for her laundry room.  The door will be forthcoming now that I have the tools necessary to do the job.  I borrowed Jay’s clamps when I made the guest room barn doors.

We did a little organic grocery shopping at Safeway, and then Big 5 for a new pair of boots.  All my work shoes are falling apart from the inside  out.  I like these new boots. I’ve been buying cheap boots while I was riding motorcycles.  Now that I’m not riding, but walking more, I certainly notice the difference in the footwear.  These boots were not so cheap.  My feet are happy, happy, happy.

20170815_084207Patty has her eye on a washer/dryer combo.  We’ll see if she pulls the trigger on these? She likes her 25 year old washer still, and her hand-me-down dryer.  She painted them red a few years ago to match her then new laundry room.

When she went into the laundry room and saw her washer and dryer, she said she doesn’t want a new set after all.  She’s partial to the old one.  I don’t know why?  It doesn’t surprise me.

That took up the rest of the day.  We got back up the hill and settled in for another spaghetti dinner, and some Netflix.  I may have mentioned we don’t have cable, or satellite TV.  I do pay $6 a month for a CBS station, which provides the 24-hour programming on the local CBS station.  We only watch the local news on it though.

Taking that picture of the laundry room led me out of the backdoor into the back yard.  It is a beautiful day, and I took a few more pictures.

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Today is Madix’s 10th birthday, my Grand boy.   He was born on his Grandmother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday to you both!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 – 

It’s been rough the last couple of days around here.  I’ve had nausea, and a cough getting worse.  I had trouble breathing too.

We left for the hospital to get this checked out.  I thought they might have to drain my lung again, but the Doctor explained the risk of infection was such that we opt’d not to have this procedure, and came home.

I’m going to take’r EZ for a couple of days.




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