Dog days

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 –

We lost another chicken last night.  I believe it was a raccoon again, but we did catch another skunk.  That’s skunks 6, trappers 5 this past week.  I feel we’re being invaded, and we’d better face the fact this could be war!  So goes the dog days of summer.

We found a breach in the hen house.  Most likely a Raccoon’s pried a slat of siding loose enough to get in.  I found another breach this afternoon.  I’m going to fix it right now.  Done.

Mike came over with his pistol.  The skunk has been disposed.

We got a decent thunder storm last night, with a light shower.  It was just enough to knock the dust down, and welcomed.  We could get a little more moisture today, according to Underground Weather.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 –

First thing this morning I see Jeff’s golf cart show up.  I go out to see what’s up.  I find Jeff down by the trap with his gun in hand aiming inside the trap.  I interrupted him to ask what he was doing?  I told him, “I forgot to put bait in trap last night”.

He said, “well the door is closed, and there’s a skunk in there”, and proceeded to eliminate said skunk.  That’s 6 for 6 now.

Patty’s left for the Valley to print, grocery shop, clean her parents house, and get fuel.  I meet with Kevin, a County Building Inspector for the final inspection on the shop at 11:00am.  We used to worry about passing with the old guard, but the Country retired or fired the whole Inspection Department, and hired new, much more friendly user inspectors.  Since he won’t be here until 11:00am, I decided to organize our makeshift pantry.  It took a couple of hours.

The Building Inspector showed up about 11:30am, and he gave us the final final.  I had some chairs in the shop and he took a seat to stay awhile.  During his last inspection several months ago we discussed this book published by the Volcano Press.  


Pictured is the town of Volcano in the 1850’s.  The book- John Doble’s J”Journal & Lettters from the Mines”

We both had read it, and we both found it intriguing.  I had given my copy to Hump in Utah last year.  At times I wished I had another copy of it.  There’s some things interesting to reference.  An example in the early 1850’s a home in Volcano could be worth $35 to $125.  I’m not a promoter of, nor was I asked to promote this book.

Kevin goes on to explain how he’s partnered up with the Volcano Press, and is proposing to local schools to have copies of the book for local educational history curriculum. Before he left, he gave me a copy of that book.  Thanks Inspector Kevin.

Speaking of books.  When Ron & Margene were here a couple of days ago, Ron gave me a copy of this book by Teach, who was President of the Baron’s MC, Salt Lake City.


I was a member of that club in ’71 and ’72 while teach was President.  That’s another story for another time.

None the less, I was very happy to have another copy given to me by Ron and Margene.  I love those guys, hope they get back here soon.  There’s somethings we can’t do any longer, but we can still laugh a lot.

Patty called, and won’t be home until after 8:00pm.  I took the time to unload my truck.  I added it to this pile pictured.  This is my stash of lumber.


Patty just rolled in.  I think I’ll stop running now.  I just wanna go home.  I’m tired now.










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