Cocktail Happy Hour

Thursday, August 24, 2017 –

We went into the Valley to Mather VA Hospital today for cocktails consisting of a three-hour long happy hour of chemo.  Again, we had a private room.  I don’t know what we’re doing to have the private room for four treatments in a row, but whatever it is, I hope we keep doing it.

Our son, Kurtis, and daughter Veronica stayed with me, while Patty shopped for bath items for the new guest bathroom.  As usual, the VA provided me lunch.  The food here is actually good!  Turkey, dressing, gravy, peas, beets, a roll, and pudding.

We finished up abut 1:30pm and everyone left.  Kurt’s heading to Ice House camping for the weekend.  Veronica has to do her thing for one of their businesses, “Smoosh”

We went to visit our last client and friend Carol, who owns City Donuts in West Sacramento.  I met Carol in 1998 when I helped her buy a coffee shop.  We became friends as a result of that deal, and I’ve been taking care of her business matters every since.  I told her today, “I’ll be glad when you retire so I can quit working.

Carol & Patty at City Donuts

Carol had called me a couple of months ago asking if I could help her friend, JuJu buy a donut shop in ‘Rocklin?  I said I would.  I don’t charge Carol for what I do, but I’ve always been taken care of adequately by her all these years.  Today she passed an envelope stuffed with $20’s from JuJu.  That was very nice of her.  I’ve never met her actually.  And of course we were sent home with a big box full of donuts!

From here we headed home stopping at BelAir Market for chocolate candy.  Next, arriving in Plymouth we stopped at the Thursday Farmer’s Market.  It’s more of a social event with music and wine.  Very littler Vendors, but lots of people in attendance.

We got home about 6:30pm.  Another long day, but at least my clothes stayed clean today.

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