Performed Obsolescence

Friday, August 25, 2017 –

Took Thumper out to deliver the donuts Carol gave us yesterday to some neighbors. They’re like regular customers, as I’ve been paid in donuts that we’ve passed out before.

No one refused me, and I only have one neighbor to go.  He gets the last pick of the litter of donuts because he has a job that takes him away everyday.  John owns Able Auto Repair, in Pioneer.

I drove the truck into Pine Grove, mainly for lunch, but stopped at Sierra Yard to order a transfer of 3/4″ clean gravel to be spread throughout the land for that rock’n fresh look.   I think that is something like 10 tons of rock.  It is scheduled for Wednesday delivery.

Then up to Pioneer to Young’s Payless Market to buy their Harris Ranch beef.

Back to Red Corral stopping at “Mr. Beefy” for their under $8.00 Cheese Burger, with the works, Fries, and a refillable drink.  They have the best burger too.

They were closed, and even have a sign showing their hours reading, “Sometimes we’re not even here”.  I’ve seen this movie several times.


No problem, it’s back to Pine Grove to “88 Burger”. I rate this the second best burger on the mountain, but this same order cost $12.00, and again, rated second best.

After lunch it was a block away to the dump located in town.  I had the laDSCF2343st of the glass bottles to dispose of.   Relatives had been collecting all these bottles for us.  I had been saving these to build a bottle wall.






However, recognizing my situation, it was time to recycle, and I’ve disposed of about a cord of bottles.  I had hoped to get my wall up before President Trump got his built, but I don’t see it in the near future, so I made the drop.

Back home I’m cutting Pecky Cedar for a 4 foot long, 3 foot high wall to be placed in front of the air conditioner, in the backyard. It’s near where we sit outside for dinner.  Patty made the request, which remains my command.  Thank you for always driving me to Mather.

The evening was relaxed with a few of the neighbors dropping in for a short while.  After everyone left, we ate a quick dinner out of the freezer.  Our refer quit on us the last couple of days.

We’ve taken most of the refrigerated food to Al & Jackie’s house, several houses away from us.  They are in the process of moving, and their refrigerator is not being used very much.  Subsequently, they have room for our stuff.

It’s tough not having a refer.  We’re using a small ice chest with ice packs of gel that Jeff & Cindi brought down, and were previously frozen by them.  They’re doing the job keeping the refer cool, and the ice chest cold, but I’m missing a refrigerator.

When I moved to the ranch in ’74 I lived without power for six months.  I used a 10 gallon Igloo cooler for the refer with block ice in it.  It was working out fine, but I was prepared for the lifestyle.  Not so much these days.

Patty did the repair research for the refer, and ordered a part that fixes the problem 20% of the time.  It’s only $25.00.  If it doesn’t fix the problem, instead of buying more parts, we’ll buy a new refer.  The next two parts are about $200, and instead of throwing more money at this 11 year old unit she’ll just buy a new one at that point.  Is there anything Patty can’t do?

We’ve had to replace every appliance in our house the past couple of years.  This includes a new furnace, air conditioner, thermostat, water heater, and pressure tank, and now possibly a new refrigerator.

All of these appliances were ten years old, except for the refer at eleven years.  Fixtures like these used to last twice that long or more, but the manufacturers have learned to infuse performed obsolescence (designed to fail at a given point in time) into their products.

Closing for the day, I want to thank you for reading this journal.  Your comments have been encouraging, welcomed, and I enjoy hearing from you.  Some reading this are the old boat people.  Now, there’s some stories to be written.  You would be well served if we had the boat people write about some of the adventures on Lake Folsom during the mid to late 80’s, and into the 90’s.  We’ll have to look into some of those in the future.  Maybe some of you may submit your version of what really happened out there?  It’s all so foggy to me.

Thanks to all for reading…….






2 thoughts on “Performed Obsolescence

  1. Thank you Ron. Still enjoying your writing. Appliances aren’t like they used to be – you are so right…. I’m on a maintenance plan my self. If I can’t Utube fix it I call “the” guy or have to start new. Ug I’ll put my thinking cap on about a boat story. Sometimes things happened there that was very entertaining… take care. Don’t work too hard.

    Hugs to you and Wonder woman😜Haha.


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