A Poem

Saturday, August 26, 2017 – 


Stan and Renee arrived from Orangevale.   Our friendship goes back thirty-one years.

Stan is a retired Engineer, and was a partner in JBS Energy, Inc.  Stan hired me to work there in 1998, and I stayed for eighteen years until my wreck retired me.

We spent some time just talking, and then started the coals on the BBQ to cook up some Ribs, Brats, and Corn.



Stan also brought up a loaf of his homemade bread that was amazingly good, and the corn is by far the best corn I’ve ever eaten!   Much better than Sloughhouse corn.

Patty made an appetizer to share while the BBQ heated up.  She also prepared everything to be BBQ’d.

We retreated inside due to the heat of the day to eat together.  The lunch included these beautiful sliced and Patty spiced tomatoes from Stan and Renee’s garden.

That was a fine lunch! 

We spent the rest of the day visiting, and they left for their home about 4:00pm.

Patty and I retired to a recliner, and that’s the end of this day’s story……..

Sunday, August 27, 2017 – 

Moved Patty’s glamper out of the RV parking area to park down below with the truck.   We want to have the area cleared for the gravel I ordered.

If an area is open enough for the driver to maneuver his truck around, they will spread the gravel as they drop it from a dump truck.  I will request several passes with the truck so I’m hoping a $20 bill encourages the driver to cooperate.

Patty’s parents, Bill and Georgette came up for the night.  It was a mellow evening dinner of BBQ’d Tri-Tip, Baked Potato, Corn, and Tomatoes. followed by “Claim Jumper’s Restaurants “Turtle Pie”.

I hardly ever used to eat sweet desserts, but since June I’ve been devouring them.  So good!

Monday, August 28, 2017 –

Awoke 5:30am, and went to the computer to prepare promotional Emails for our home-based business, “Welcome Pillows” .  It’s now 7:30am, and I’ve sent 27,500 Emails throughout California to Realtors.

I have 23,000 more to be sent by the 13th of September.  We are allotted 50,000 Emails each month with the web service we bought last fall.  Then we bought a mail list with Realtors Email addresses throughout the states of California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. That’s about 300,000 Email addresses.  As you can do the arithmetic, sending 50,000 a month takes six months to complete our list.

We are marketing to Realtors to purchase our pillows as closing gifts for their clients.  We get a ton of hits on our web site, but sales are slow.  It’s just a tough nut to crack.  There is a lot of competition for these types of Realtor’ gifts.  We also have to penetrate a Realtor’s thoughts at a time they have a deal to close.

So you can see it’s a small market after all.  We’ll persevere.

I made breakfast for Patty’s folks, and us this morning.  Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Links, Biscuits, bowl of Peaches and Black Berries, with Orange Juice.

After Bill & Georgette left, we planted two Rosemary plants in the front of the house.

DSCF2370.JPGIt’s one of the few plants the deer don’t eat.  At least so far?  It’s getting too hot to do much of anything else today.  High projected at 101 degrees.  This would be the hottest day we’ve seen up this way in seven years.

I cleaned up the rest of any larger rocks on the drives.  I believe we’re ready for delivery of the gravel Wednesday.

We’re still without a refer.  It’s been down since last Thursday. The experimental part ordered won’t be here until this Thursday after all.  Then if it doesn’t fix the problem, we will remain without for the days it takes to order and ship a new unit.

We’ve been rotating the frozen packs that Jeff loaned us, and they are working pretty good actually.  It just a little inconvenient.

I know this isn’t impressive to those in low elevations today, but it has reached at least a seven-year high temperature of 102 degrees.

While we’re thinking of winter, I ran across this poem I wrote last January while trying to start a fire for hours using wet wood soaked by record breaking winter rains:

January 9, 2016

I like the bird’s caw – I like the click of a cricket
And I like burn’n wet wood with diesel and oil
With a sign in hand I’ll start a line with a picket
About the snow being deep but I’m standing in coal

Well I’ve been challenged with a couple of bucks lately
Prices are up, discounts are down
Get’n this fire up with fossil fuel cost me greatly
Have you noticed my face making a frown

Most folks can’t handle the real stuff
Don’t look ahead just turn your back
Much ez’er to go to the mall and gawk at the fluff
But do be careful, be aware and don’t step on a crack

Get too close and it might stick to ya
Old bones keep rattl’n in the hall
Whatcha gonna do when it all comes back on ya
Keep trippin too long you’ll surely take a fall

I look up and marvel at the blue gray sky
But my visions get’n clouded by the way
Am I gett’n cynical or just gett’n old I sigh?

There were days of old, and it was mystic I say
Nothing stopped us as we searched for the truth
I couldn’t believe I was part of it
So invincible and strong in our youth
Oh but it passes quicker than you can spit

It’s taken most the day to git this fire going
But now – now the flames are high
The smokes thick with coals a glow’n
What would I change if I could do so on the fly

Nothing, I think I could stay here forever


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