Monterey Pop Festival

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 –

I awoke early and went to the shop in the dark.  I didn’t turn on the porch light thinking I could negotiate the steps off the porch.  Wrong, I took a fall off that porch, and onto the lower handrail bruising a rib or two.   Having developed a constant cough, it’s become quite a painful day.   So soreness abides for a few days.

It’s so hot this week, I’m not planning a physical encounter anyway, so not a big deal. Pain has become my constant companion for awhile anyway.

We’ll be off to Mather today for blood work.  My sodium level is low again.  At least now, my Oncologist doesn’t require me to stay in the hospital for this like they did in June. They’ll check the sodium today, and then call me later or post the results on a web site with the number indicating the sodium level.

I suspect it’ll be a good enough number.  I can tell when I’m dangerously low of sodium. I recognize it by losing my mind some.  I know it’s hard to decipher, but there is a subtle difference with low sodium levels..

I finished the 4th round of chemo Sunday night, and have been feeling pretty good since. According to my Doctor this isn’t normal.  That’s OK with me.  Our health plan seems to be the better choice than theirs.

Awaking each day above ground is a good thing so far.  We’ll have a scan on the 12th of September to see if there’s any change in my lungs.  They will continue administering chemo regardless of this result, but hopefully it ends with two more treatments either way.

Meaning if the tumors subside with the past treatment we may be able to stop taking chemo.  They tell us even though if seemingly cured, it is guaranteed the cancer will reoccur, and their is no effective treatment beyond this initial run of chemo.  Additional chemo is non-effective for the occurrence.  When that happens we’ll ride it out into the sunset from there.

Patty has a few pillows to print in the Valley today, and we’ll stop as usual for groceries. There won’t be much shopping as we still have no refrigerator.  Hopefully, we get back early.  We always think this, but it hasn’t happened yet.

We caught another skunk last night.  That’s seven down now. We caught him on one of Carol’s donuts.  I told you they were good.

We made it to Mather, did the blood thing, and then took a short drive from there to Rancho Cordova for some Thai food at “Cha Thai” Restaurant.  It had a Yelp rating with four stars.  I think that is too many.  It was average at best.   The food was OK, but just that, OK.  The service was poor.  I wouldn’t suggest this restaurant for Thai food.  Lunch special $9.00, excluding a drink.

We got home about 3:00pm, which is about as early as we’ve ever returned from death valley.  The heat was such that we didn’t do anything beyond staying cool, taking it easy the rest of the day.

Neighbor Len stopped by and had a glass of wine.  You’ll remember Len as the retired fireman from San Francisco.  He has a home in the East Bay (east of San Francisco) of Dublin, and stays up this way in their other home across the road from us now and then. His wife Georgia is still recovering from hip replacement surgery, but we expect to see her soon. She’s been hanging tough, and working hard at her recovery.

You may recall, the last time Len was here he was on his tractor for a BBQ party, and Patty drove him home.  He walked this time.  While visiting we had Pandora on the sound system.  A song from the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 came on.  It reminded me of a time a year later that I attended the 1968 Monterey Pop Festival.

I may have to tell you about that experience and the aftermath, but that’s for later.


One thought on “Monterey Pop Festival

  1. I LOVE your blogs. You sure do get around! This has been .as I g weather for the fair. Everyone I’ve spoken to said this was a horrible summer and nothing bur rain. It’s only rained one day since we’ve been here. Temps in the 80’s and blue skies. I’ve gone in twice, heard some good music etc. Toby’s having a difficult time with knee pain. We eat some dinners in the room. I take UBER to the store. Sorry About your fall. I HATE It that I have to watch where I’m going so I don’t trip on stairs. It’s like I’M OLD OR SOMETHING!. Keep the blogs coming! Love to you both. B.

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