VA Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

Saturday, September 2, 2017

A lot of life can change quickly.  At 2:00am last Thursday, I developed a slight fever, but had chills that went from shivering to shaking rather violently.

Calming down, Patty called the VA later that morning, and they wanted us into the Oncolongy Department right away. Upon arriving there, while in the waiting room I went into another episode of shaking.  I finally settled enough to get situated for the day of testing.


About 4:30pm I was admitted into Mather hospital again.  As I said before, this labor day and the last July 4th we will and have been right here in Mather.

They rolled a hard, vinyl covered recliner in for Patty, and she stays with me.


One of the first things to happen this morning was we returned from a walk we take often to have the nurse tell us we had received flowers.  They were placed at the nurse’s station as I am not allowed flowers in the room, again due to infection risk.

Being able to leave my room with a mask on, I went out to the nurse’s station and was taken back by the beauty of this flower arrangement.  Sent by my children and their mother Karen & Rick her husband.


Karen has been close to us during these past few years of life’s trials, and has been a wonderful friend to us both, and always a great Mother to the children.  Karen and her husband Rick have been more than generous and supportive.  I must say how appreciative I am of our relationship today.  Thank you Rick and Karen.  The flowers are such a pleasent and beautiful surprise.

The food here is pretty good.  This hospital’s canteen (food service) was just voted the number one canteen in the entire VA system for the fourth year in a row.  The food they serve the patients is the same as can be purchased in the public cafeteria. Check the menu and prices.  Keep in mind there is no charge for state and local sales tax at this, a Federal facility.



Through the various tests the staff did,  it was determined that I have several infections, namely pneumonia and blood.

The reason I most likely acquired pneumonia was due to my fall off our front porch causing injury to my ribs, which in turn prevented me from breathing deeply.  Because of my compromised immune system due to chemo therapy, apparently this contributed to the cause.

The other issue was the blood infection.  Because my immune system has been going into a low point due to the chemo treatments, E Coli took over.  Apparently, most have this condition, but your immune system defeats any effects to you, but I don’t have the ability to fight at this time.

We’ve had to turn down visitors as I’m in isolation because of my higher risk of infection.  However, my son and his wife Laura had planned on staying with us over the weekend at home, and decided they would come here to visit.  We donned our masks and had a little time together.


They gathered some goodies like pizza and iced tea and brought it up to us.  Between what they brought, and what I’ve abscounded from my food trays, I’ve accumulated quite a stash.


It’s now Saturday night.  Yesterday we were told we would be here a week.  Just an hour ago a team of Doctors dropped by and said we’d be out of here Monday.  That I’ve improved enough to be realeased then.  We’ll hope this doesn’t change, unless better news abides until Monday.

I see a good night’s rest coming tonight.  We’re so pleased to have fought back one more time to be hopeful about getting back up the hill this quickly.  There’s plenty to be completed up there yet.




3 thoughts on “VA Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

  1. Great blog, Ron! I haven’t seen you in years. Reading your big had me laughing and crying all at the same time. You enjoy life! We could all take note. Steve sends his love. Oh….it’s a small world…our granddaughter nanny’s Veronica’s kids!!!!! Take care. The Hage’s love ya!!!!!

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