Going home on Labor Day

Monday, September 4, 2017 –

There wasn’t much to say about Sunday, hence I skipped it.  It was a typical day of eating, sleeping, watching the NASCAR Martinsville  race, drugs, and a couple of walks with Patty.

One thing that was too funny not to tell you about last night though.  It was in the evening Patty decided to take a break from lying around here being bored, and went shopping.

While she was gone the staff had a shift change.  My new night Nurse came in and introduced herself as Janet, and then left.  Patty returned, we had some dinner, and she took her recliner, me in the bed to watch some more TV.

Later, I was tired of lying in bed, and got up.  Patty’s back was sore from the hard chair, and she got into the bed.  About 9:00pm Nurse Janet returned with drugs.  She walked in and I was standing next to the bed and said hello to her.  She looked baffled, and left the room without giving me the drugs.

When she came back she explained she got confused because she thought there was a man in the bed before, which there was.  So she left to check if she had the right room.

I think you would have had to see her face to get the funny part, but all three of us cracked up when we explained what happened.  I laughed so hard my rib felt like it was sticking in my lung.  I could hardly breathe.  Too funny for all three of us.

We’ve already dealt with such issues they’ve had with us bringing in Pizza, chips, cookies, candy, cupcakes, etc., and concern about wine that Patty brought.  So all of this and that incident just added to some of the fun you can make in a not so fun place to hang out.


We were discharged from the hospital with a bag of vitamins and antibiotics, and got home about 10:00am.  The skies were hazy all the way up the mountain due to fires here in the west. Patty unloaded the car and I checked on the chickens to find skunk number eight in the trap.  Mike had baited it while we were gone, and now so is the skunk.

The part Patty ordered for the refer was here.  She installed it, but still not working. She’s decided she has to go to the Valley again today to print her latest pillow orders, and will take the truck to return with a new refrigerator.

I felt pretty rough all day, and didn’t do much of anything.  Of course it’s too hot to do much anyway.  I had a couple of visitors in the afternoon.  We love our friends.

I hope to get back tomorrow.  It’s a tough journey, but you all sustain me.  Until then…..



5 thoughts on “Going home on Labor Day

  1. Hey Brother, good to hear or read your going home !!! If you got time, check this site out, My dad had Prostae cancer and uses the bio-super food and feels good, my dog got IMHA and was almost gone till we gave her the bio-super prep (that is made for animals ) Also pops used the alpha G for a while, I swear by the holistic benefits we got from these items as well a the CBD oils and vapes for over all wellness. I use the CBD with out THC for my back and it works for me. Dad stopped the chemo and is doing a lot better, so far 3 years no chemo 8 years overall fighting that dan cancer.

    i hope you get well and kick the shit outtta that “C” !!!!!

    96 classic
    61 Panhead

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