Refer Madness

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 –

The only thing I could have told you yesterday was I sat in a recliner all day long feeling sickly, but today is much better, and I’m upright and ready to enjoy it!  Especially with the weather cooling some.  I hope you have a good day too!

Patty did go to the Valley yesterday as said, and she did come home with a refrigerator. Contractor Jay came over last night to move it off the truck himself, and into the house, then replacing the truck with the old refer.  How nice eh?  Man, I couldn’t and didn’t help much.  Patty, as usual flexed some muscle helping Jay, but Jay muscled that thing through a tight doorway to get it in here, after removing the screen door.


Again I say – I’m very grateful to the peeps in my world.  I’m especially grateful to have such a great partner as my wife, Patty.  She is constantly monitoring my medical needs among everything else to run this homestead.  A smaller sized lady, but damn strong, and always willing to learn how to overcome any problem facing us.

Thanks to you all having made comments along the way.  I try to respond to each one, but I’m never sure of how this social media stuff works, or whether I’m dong things correctly.  If I’ve missed responding to your comment, it’s unintentional.

When we bought our web site, I also activated Facebook.  It too confuses me, and I can’t tell if I see everything I might if I knew more about it.  There’s way too much to look at on FB, but my Daughter Lauren suggested I have an account.  I don’t like FB much. There’s too much on it for me, and I’m thinking I may not have time to read through it too often.

Speaking of comments, while I appreciate all the positive comments I’ve received from you, I do want to mention one particular comment from a lady named Evelyn Hill whom apparently looked in on my blog and said she enjoyed it.  The significance to me is that she has a book deal with a publisher, and I’m quite flattered a real author would ever read my uneducated writings, let alone saying she enjoyed it.

Having never written anything beyond an Email or letter before, nor knowing anything about writing, I’m never sure of how these blog things are received.   However, reading her suggestions in her blog, I’ve learned a few things about writing from her I certainly never knew.

You remember I was going to post some pictures of the gravel delivery we received before being committed to the hospital?  Here they are:

We’re leaving for the dump in Pine Grove to dump the old refer.  We’ll also stop at the hardware store in search of the final connections we need to plumb the tub to the water line, and drain pipe.

We got to the dump, but had to enlist help getting the refer off the truck.  My energy level ceases to exist.  I get winded to the extent it makes me dizzy, and I still cough often too.  I can’t help but think it’s part of the more difficult aspects of my disease, but I’m fighting back, and proven hard to kill.

We then drove 25 minutes to Lowe’s in Jackson,  bought the plumping part, which upon getting home it was found to be the wrong part (again).  We’ve learned some nomenclature, and I’m sure we’ll get it right next time.

I walked outside at 3:30pm to get the mail.  The temp in the low 80’s.  A real pleasant day. Stopping in the driveway I marveled at the sounds of a light breeze blowing through the tall trees.  For some reason it’s a comforting, yet an eerie sound at the same time.

Thinking about it in truth, it’s very much the same sound I endured while living in Sacramento very close to Highway 80, but the same or similar sound here in the mountains evokes an entirely different and more satisfying emotion.

By the way, a strong wind storm as we get in the winter creates quite a site with these trees swaying 10 or 15 feet in each direction, but that will wait awhile yet.





2 thoughts on “Refer Madness

  1. Hi you guys.
    Your place is looking very very nice. I love the retaining walls – the gravel adds a nice touch.
    I chuckled at the “body switch in the hospital”. It’s good to mix it up every so often for what ever reason.
    I hope by now the new refer is working. It’s beautiful.
    Take care until next time
    I, to enjoy your writings and pictures.
    Hugs. Terri

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