A successful day

Thursday, September 7, 2017 –

Last night I fell asleep watching a movie with Patty after dinner (as usual).  I went to bed at 9:30pm and awoke at 11:40pm.  I don’t believe I slept again after that, less a possible doze here and there.  I finally got up about 5:30am.  I feel pretty good except for this excessive cough, which is irritating as you might imagine.

I’ve found myself rereading John Doble’s “Journal & letters from the mines, which I had no intention other than for reference purposes, but find myself enjoying this book possibly more than the first time read, although I can’t specifically recall how much for comparison.

The journal is from the early 1950’s era, and starts with describing Doble’s water transport by steamer ship from New York to San Francisco.  I was struck to think of how difficult that journey was.  By the time the steamer reached San Diego 25 of the 200 passengers had died.  I hope Building Inspector Kevin is able to get it into the local schools for the young to have this insight into  this local history.

When Jay graciously helped us with unloading the fridge the other night, I had offered to buy us lunch, and we made a tentative plan to do this this week.  Now is this week at Friday’s close, or is it Sunday’s?  I hope we might be able to make lunch today in Jackson as part of the plan is to return some roof shingles we over-purchased.  We still need to settle the final payment to Jay which is a $1,000, less the purchases we’ve made (such as the shingles).  The trip will also permit us to purchase the tub plumbing part for the third time.


Thursday is trash day, and we have an abundance this morning with spoiled food from the failed refer.  I believe Jeff & Cindi whom we share the trash service with has returned from camping in their 5th wheel at a resort on a lake in the Valley.  I imagine they suffered the heat of this past week.

I hope to see Jeff this am.  Aside from his generous help, I enjoy his company.  He’s a smart man having been disabled this past 10 years.

I received an Email from Daughter Veronica inviting us to dinner with my immediate family, which we will attend.  She’s made reservations at the Volcano Union Inn & Pub, a fine restaurant, and certainly one of our favorites. Veronica’s 40th birthday is the 15th, the day before this dinner.

Veronica LouAnn Faubion/Hintz, 1977 & 2016

Patty and I had intended on checking with co-worker, and our friends Jeff & Sharon in the Valley about the availability of a 2nd home they own in Sequim Washington state they’ve offered to us in the past.

Co-workers and friends Jeff & Garrick and Sharon & Ron 2017

We were planning the possibility of a road trip to Olympic National Park, and having their home close enough for a base station for a couple of days would be perfect. I’ve not been to this corner of our country yet, and wish to do so before I get too sick to travel.

We had made arrangements to delay the next chemo treatment due on the 14th with my Oncologist already, but will cancel that as my little girl’s birthday celebration is more important, and I won’t miss it.  I missed too much when we were all younger.  Depending on the weather forecast, maybe we’ll try to make the trip again in October.

Contractor Jay came by and reinstalled the screen door we had to remove to get the refer through the doorway, which still barely fit.  It is 33 inches wide, and about 30 inches deep not counting the door handles.

I didn’t expect Jay to replace the screen door, and told him I could do it, but he insisted saying, “I’m here now”.  I have not been in a condition to install it now anyway, so it’s appreciated.

I remain quite weak today, and slept off and on, but not more than an hour at a time.  I accomplished that which I planned for the day, absolutely nothing!  I suppose I have to consider it a successful day.





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