Bikes, Blues, and Babies

Saturday, September 9, 2017 –

Today is my 50th anniversary of being discharged from the Marine Corps.  It amazes me that much time actually has escaped?  Do enjoy each day you have, as they pass quickly!

Yesterday, Jay was to go to lunch with us.  I had envisioned liver & onions at Perko’s Coffee Shop with a senor discount for us, (not Patty).  A perk for being old and dumpy. However, he had to wait on a customer to sign a bid to build a complete house for them from the ground up in Sutter Creek.

Patty and I went on into Jackson for lunch anyway, but instead of the liver lunch, she chose where to go, and that was “Bistro Bella Cacina”, in Jackson.  This is a highly rated restaurant with very good food, a bit above average prices, but definitely Patty’s style.   She is more into the natural foods with lots of veggie’s, and organic is even better.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  I’m a little more meat & potatoes.

The lunch took about 25 minutes to be served due to a crowd showing up at the same time causing the delay.  However, our waitress was pleasant, and we had time, and didn’t mind the wait.  The lunch was worth the wait. very good!

I don’t mean to sound like an expert, and food is a personal thing, but having sold over 400 restaurants during my business brokerage career, I can’t help being critical of them. Sometimes I feel like that guy on TV praising or busting restaurants.  So, I’d give it four-stars (as if my opinion matters).

From there we went on to Lowe’s to obtain (again) the part needed for the tub, and the grocery store for a few items.

On the way home Patty wanted to stop at a yard sale.  We ended up buying two brass milk cans.  They were asking $50 each for the cans, we ended up at $30 each.


and two canaries in a cage.  OK, go ahead and LYAO.  I would too if it wasn’t directly happening to me?

The birds and cage were $200.  During our negotiation went to his bottom line of $180.  I offered $150.  He said no.  I walked, and he said, “$170”.



I told him we had to drive an hour to obtain more cash, “$150.  He asked if we had a quarter to flip for the $20 difference.  That sounded like fun, and Patty put up the quarter, which he told me to flip.  I said, “I cut my flipping thumb off last April, so please, you flip”.  He did so, and I won.  We paid $150.  Canaries cost between $25 – $150.

Oh, but there’s still a small wall space in the Glamper, so she bought a clock too.

We got home and having been awake all night, I went to bed at 8:00 pm.  It’s now 2:30 am.  Back to bed, and arose again at 7:00 am.

I also failed to mention something yesterday about those college days.  In January of ’72 I was involved in a fairly serious motorcycle accident.  I was traveling down a country two-lane road at about 40 MPH when a farmer coming toward me from the opposite direction, turned left in front of me, and I hit him, flying off my bike and over the next lane into a plowed up snow bank on the opposite side of the road.  I broke several ribs, which laid me up for a few months in pain.  My bike had significant damage to the front end, having been snapped in two upon impact.

I also had a girlfriend, Elaine at the time, after being newly divorced.  She was a student also, and ended up bearing twin boys of ours that were born late in ’71.   She gave them up for adoption, which I objected to, but as a man then had no say in such matters.  I never saw them.  I’ve never stopped wondering about them though.

She avoided me during her pregnancy for some reason I didn’t understand, but during this time of my recovery and after have given up the babies she was hanging around again.  However, I couldn’t carry on with her again after giving away those boys, and wasn’t about to experience that again.  I sent her away, not to be seen again.  That’s five kids total, and all accounted for now.

Saturday is my day for listening to my favorite music, the blues on NPR radio from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm every Saturday.  I don’t see much else happening today.  We were going to attend a dinner/dance tonight for a cancer fund raiser at the “Italian Picnic Grounds”, in Sutter Creek tonight, but still feeling the effects of pneumonia we offered to sell our tickets.

Neighbor Tami, (Mikes Daughter) is heading up this event, and had a waiting list for sold out tickets, so she was able to do so.  There was four households from our road going, and we are sorry to have to bag out on this one.  I’m sure it’ll be a fun event.  As you might notice, we have many activities going on around this rural area.  It’s a fun place.

Patty drove us to Jay’s to purchase more Cedar planks to build another retaining wall on the other driveway.  We may get together at our place for dinner later.  Patty is cooking chicken schnitzel tonight.



2 thoughts on “Bikes, Blues, and Babies

  1. I’m really enjoying your daily journal entries, so nice to see you, Patty and family. I get to see how you are doing and how you are coping with things, you are an incredibly strong man, and I admire you so much. Hope to visit you and Patty again sometime soon. We are always praying for you. Lots of love, Veronica Wogec. 💜😘

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