Hotties in the neighborhood

Monday, September 11, 2017 –

Happy to report after 5 or 6 days no skunks have been trapped.  Hopefully, the eight we caught are all that abound.  This place had been smelling bad day after day we were catching one night after night.

Ron, Patty, Louise.jpgLouise and her Mother, Edna an Australian/American lady of 91 years came up for a few hours today,  we had a wonderful visit.  We just loved having them both here with us, and look forward to a plan for all of us to ascend upon the her home of Edna on October 6th for a happy hour they have for the residents, with live music and dancing.  After that, we’ll be staying at the fine home of Louise for the night.

I think Mom might not realize it yet, but we might hoop it up some at the happy hour that we plan on attending.  I’d suggest you not miss that blog that will come about early October.

Patty fixed us a fantastic lunch as she does, and the weather permitted us to sit outside. What a treat to have these two ladies in the yard!  I’ve loved Louise for more than 30 years.  She’s a classic!  Meaning, class inwards to outwards, and that Mother,,,, I’m trying to get adopted now.


A couple of other hotties showed up earlier.


Tomorrow, we get a pet scan.  That will show us how much change, if any, the cancer course of treatment has been going in terms of it working some or not.

It’s kind of like flipping a card from the deck to see who lives.  A little weird.  We’ll let you know the results.  So until then, I remain grateful for your reading here.  Tks,  ya all!

4 thoughts on “Hotties in the neighborhood

    1. Always about the Vikings! Personally, I’m SOOO dang impressed that 3 tumors have disappeared from your lungs, Faubion!! That’s huge! Along with that grueling treatment, your fabulous, positive, attitude & beautiful wife/plumber have added to you getting well… plus you’re a tough SOB! You, Neal, & the USMC!! OH, YEAH!! Fight on. And keep laughing ~ CONGRATS!! And be-gone you skunk family! Love&Peace~suzie

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