Stay’n Alive

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We left yesterday (Tuesday) morning for a 11:00 am appointment at Mather Hospital.  I usually have to go to the lab to give a blood sample for analysis every time we come here, including yesterday.

DSCF2490They take blood to check my blood cell count, sodium level, and this time, a PSA count, for prostate cancer numbers.  We’ve had so much blood drawn recently my arms look like those of a junky!

After the draw, it was off to nuclear medicine to be injected with a nuclear dye as the prep for a pet scan.  I have to wait in a chair for almost an hour after the injection.  I have to sit still, by myself, and no talking, chewing, or reading, and  I’ve had to fast since last night.

The whole process takes about an hour and a half, including the scan.  The scan involves being rolled inside a tube for a Kodak moment.

Patty had gone back to Folsom to print pillows, and return some bathroom items to a store.  She got back to the hospital about the time I finished the scan a little after 1 pm.

We had lunch at the “canteen” (cafeteria).  We each had a sandwich.  These are large and filled with meat of most any choice (if any), choice of cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes for $5.99 and no sales tax, which I believe is 8.0% in Sacramento County.

Leaving Mather, we made a quick stop at a super market for a few items, and headed home.  Shortly after arriving we got a call from the Oncologist.  He said he had good news about the scan.  Apparently, the chemo has knocked my cancer down some 80 or 90%.  He didn’t elaborate too much, wanting to wait until we see the scan results with him tomorrow, (Thursday).

Doc said, “a picture is worth 1,000 words”.  Only one question question remains, “how long will the C stay back,” (Doc said, “it almost always returns”).   We plan on delaying that event as long as possible.

So I’m feeling good today Lewis!  Although my blood cell count is down a little, sodium below normal, but not unsafe.  Prostate cancer, “no trace”.  I’ve gained three pounds, and my blood pressure is satisfactory, after being a bit low for the past two-weeks.

We went  into Jackson again this morning (Wednesday) to meet with our financial guy at 11:00 am.

We needed to acknowledge a contract for an investment we made with him a few weeks back.   However, I’ve not heard of anything like this procedure before.

Next, we went to the grocery store.  Having lost that refer full of food last week, we’re slowly replacing those little things you always have at hand, but never think about. That’s why we do so much shopping lately. Not because we love shopping, but because we think about it. and in restocking there’s always something missing.

DSCF2487We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, “Los Hermona’s”.  A couple of different friends have talked highly of this place, but Patty and I both thought not so much.  It was a little bland. We’re a little spoiled around here with Mexican restaurants.  We have a few that we consider good, but this won’t be one of them.

Getting back home, Patty tackled hooking up the water supply to her fridge for ice and drinking water.  We didn’t have a water line installed for the refrigerator, as we didn’t have those features with our last refer.


Her efforts included having to crawl under the house twice to run a 1/4 water line, which came from the cold water line in the garage, through the garage wall into the house, a quick turn of the line downward, and through the floor (behind stuff).  It was a bit frustrating, and tiring for both of us, but she stayed with the project all afternoon, and got’r done.   The girl is not a quitter!

Afterward, sitting out front, we attracted five beer drinkers from the neighborhood, but they only stayed about an hour.   Patty’s locked down the chickens, and we’re in now for raviolis and salad for dinner.  Just stay’n alive, stay’n alive, huh, uh, huh, uh, stay’n alive..

11 thoughts on “Stay’n Alive

  1. So EXCITED about the GREAT news Ron! You made my day after such a sobering event last weekend at Band Against Cancer. Keep up the fight!

    And you are right about your fine lady… Patty kicks ass!

  2. We are glad you are hearing some good news, and as always wishing you and Patty all the best, Friend Tom.

    Tom Jefferies GWRRA Former Region Director & Educator Patriot Guard Riders Million Mile Rider 9957 Wyatt Ranch Way Sacramento, CA 95829 Home 916-682-3469 Cell 909-224-6272

  3. Really really good news to hear Ron, we’re really happy to hear it, and maybe when it gets cold and wintery there if you want a trip to the warm come on down

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