See Spot Run. Run Spot Run.

Thursday, September 14, 2017 –

Up and off to Mather Hospital for a blood draw prior to meeting the Oncologist, Dr. Rajappa.

Dr. Rajappa explained how all of the tumors have been eliminated from my lungs.  There were about a dozen or so.

Now, there is two in the lymph nodes between my lungs.  The fluid in my left lung is no longer visible either.  I breathe much better now.

IMG_1438Then he showed us the pictures of the scan on a computer.  Patty took a picture of the picture of the before and recent scans.  By the way, I don’t have sunglasses on.

The darker spots on the left under my shoulders are the cancer tumors.  As you see they are not visible on the right (recent).

The spots under the darker lung spots are not cancer, they are heart and kidneys.  The three spots on the most recent scan (right) are the three broken ribs from my fall off the porch a couple of weeks ago.  We just learned today that the ribs are broken, not bruised.

Patty was intrigued with the heart shaped dark area at the bottom of the scans.  This  is the bladder which is collecting the dye, ready to move out.  I said to Patty and the Doc that the love in my heart is in my pants.

The Doc suggested I start radiation to try to knock down the two tumors remaining in my lymph nodes, and if I wanted to forego any more chemo I could.  The risks of infection are high, and he told me this infection I just had was life threatening, the first I’ve heard that reference to that episode.

With that discussion we decided to stop the chemo at this time.  I couldn’t have had my scheduled cocktail today as my blood cell count is still down.  I appreciate he lets me decide how I want to proceed.   I understand I will start the radiation in about a month, and it requires we travel to Travis AFB in Fairfield.  How many of these treatments I’m not aware at this time.  After our decision he said he thought we made a good choice.

I’m stopping this chemo with most of the hair I had, and I haven’t lost my bushy eyebrows.  Although my beard has thinned somewhat.


Leaving the hospital we decided to stop at the In & Out for burgers to take to Patty’s parents house and have lunch with them.

Bill & Georgette had not tried these burgers before.
They like them and I think they are pretty good too.  In fact I find them one of the best burgers around, and not expensive at all.  Afterward, Bill served up dessert.


Bill put together apple pie with whipped cream.

DSCF2497.JPGAfter lunch we went into Folsom to print last nights orders.   This is where Patty prints her pillow covers. Our orders are a bit light, but we are still quite encouraged with the small results we’re getting.  While we don’t have a ton of customers from our marketing efforts, we are receiving repeat orders from almost half of those that have ordered a pillow in the past, which leads me to believe this will work with time.

This is the equipment she uses to print her pillows.

We headed home and arrived about 4:30 pm, but of course we did some minor grocery shopping beforehand.  We’ll get all together one of these days.


Our daughter Monique arrived tonight to spend a few days with us.  She’s going to help around here, among other chores, she’ll help Patty get the antique claw-foot tub plumbed.

In closing, I would like to thank you guys for the encouraging comments from yesterday’s blog.

Thank you again, they are appreciated.



2 thoughts on “See Spot Run. Run Spot Run.

  1. Ron,

    Still trying to find some time to come up for a quick visit. Glad you are improving with you tumors, that fantastic. You are a strong man.

    1. Bob, that would be a treat for me. I’ll send you a map for when that might happen. I look forward to seeing a fellow warrior. I’m enjoying all your wonderful photography. Keep’m com’m….

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