Working on it

Friday, September 15, 2017 ‘

How are you handling the Equifax security breach?  Patty’s up early on-line with all three credit reporting companies trying to freeze our credit.  She can’t do a credit freeze on Equifax due to an overload on their servers by scared customers like us.  Transunion – the same deal.  They say it’s due to Equifax creating heavy traffic.  Experian is the only one of the three she was able to access and process a freeze up to this point.


dscf2502-2.jpgFriday Bathing

Today is my Daughter, Veronica’s 40th birthday.  She’s a beautiful Mother of three children, and wife of Brandon.  Love your children well to get the love in return.

Hintz Family 2017Happy Birthday Precious One!

Patty and Monique are working on caulking the shower, and the some of the tile is porous, requiring a sealer they’re applying.  They’re running into difficulty with the old tub.  It appears they’re having to connect old style plumbing to new, is creating a challenge.  They have a ways to go yet.

DSCF2509.JPGI started on the other retaining wall to be built out of the 2″x 12″ pecky cedar as was the other wall.  It won’t be as tall nor as long as the last one.

I dug one post hole, but soon tired, although not as soon as I have been most recently.   I have five more post holes to go.

Paused for lunch.  A sandwich with Italian lunch meats, Swiss cheese, lettuce on white bread with mayo, olive bruschetta, and a whole grain Dijon mustard, and of course chips.

Since I no longer drive, Patty, with Monique’s help wants to learn how to attached the Glamper to the truck and move it up to the RV space, (next to the retaining wall).  This is her first attempt, and it went without mishap.  Good job Ladies!

Patty will be painting it soon.  Hopefully before the rains come.  Better gear up?

I came down with some strong nausea after lunch.  It has taken me out for the rest of the day.  I afraid I have to sleep this one off.




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