Saturday Nights Alright

Saturday, September 16, 2017 –

Up after ten-hours sleep, and feeling much better today.  Maybe my body didn’t realize we quit the chemo, and thought it should get sick with chemo, not realizing yesterday’s session was cancelled?  Regardless, today is a better day!

Since having discovered the “C”, I have had weekly multiple doctor appointments, or have been in the hospital since.  We’ve been in the hospital three times this summer, including 4th of July, and Labor Day holidays.  I look at my calendar now, and there are no appointments scheduled.  I haven’t seen that for a few months, but I’m liking it!

Half of this illness is created by the cure.  When my body reacts negatively, I can’t tell if it’s the disease, or the cure taking me down.  I suspect the cure.  More specifically, the chemo simply kicks your tail.

Too many of you have first hand experience about this with loved ones, or have had your share of the poison yourself.  I can’t believe how many long-time friends have come out and told me of their cancer plight.  I never knew, and so many!

The ladies worked on the guest bath again this morning.tUB pLUMBING

The rough plumbing was not installed with the finish for a claw-foot tub in mind, which has different attachments than modern fixtures, and apparently not considered beforehand.

This requires some adjustments to be made, but these ladies persevere.

After lunch we droveFiddletown 16 miles down the mountain to attend the Fiddler’s Jam in Fiddletown,  an annual event.

It’s a small venue held on the main street in town, with the main stage featuring different bands throughout the day.  Take a look….


Music and Dancing

Vendors and Pretty Women

Music Everywhere

Junk Yards & Yards of Treasure


And a Plumber.

We left Fiddletown to get back in time to be picked up for my Daughter’s birthday celebration.  We stopped at neighbor Jeff and Cindi’s house to take care of their chickens while they’re camping for the week.


Veronica planned a dinner at the Union Inn here in Volcano with family and friends to attend.

Her husband, Brandon rented a limo type bus so we could all be together for the party.  15 people unloaded for a break before we boarded for dinner.

Hintz Family 2017
Brandon, Veronica, Journey, Mason, Maddox

They had been at Terra Del Oro Winery for the Barbara Festival, and we’re having lots of fun.

Today is Leah’s (on the left) birthday too, a long-time friend of Veronica.

Brandon, is another family entrepreneur.  In addition to their operating a number of different businesses, also does a Saturday morning radio show as a weekly guest on the Roni Deutch Show at 8:00 am, Tijuana time on KFBK  in Sacramento.

Brandon is all family, a good man.

We left for the restaurant in Volcano, taking Ram’s Horn Grade, which drops 1,400 feet in 5.5 miles.  The last 2 miles drops about 1,200 feet with 32 twisty turns for more fun.

The Inn was ready for us, and we all had as always here, excellent food and service.

18  for dinner at the Volcano Union Inn

What a fun filled day with tons of laughs and love!  Thank you Brandon and Veronica for making it possible for all of us to join you, and all the others together for this celebration.

Patty & Ron.jpg

“Happy 40th Birthday Veronica and Leah”.  


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