Cruise’n on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, September, 17, 2017 –

We’re outta here and on our way to the Italian Picnic Grounds in Sutter Creek for a Vintage Flee Market.  This is the first of it’s kind.  They plan to have one each month for the rest of the year.  There were an ample number of seller booths there.

Patty found this non-functioning heater to use as a plant stand in the guest bath, the brass pot to dispose of food scraps to save for the chickens, and the 1950’s TV trays for her Glamper.  Monique bought the enamel goodies, and the chest.

On the way back up the hill we stopped in Whiskey Flats Saloon in Volcano to see Bob the bartender to have one of his famous Bloody Mary’s.

Leaving the bar we stepped next door to Antique John’s shop.  John gave Patty the horseshoe she hung over the doorway in the new bathroom shown in the picture above. Thanks to Nikki (Veronica’s friend) for the great suggestion.

I was John’s first customer to buy something from him after he got into Volcano about four years ago.  He once owned the old Oldsmobile you saw in the Movie “Rainman”.  The studio rented it from him.  In exchange, they restored it for the movie.

John eventually sold that car for $30K.  That buyer resold it for $75K.  John specializes in Juke boxes, and has about 120 of them he’s restoring.  He has them from the beginning of time when they first built them.  They run from $400 to $4,000.

Phone Booth outside John’s Antique Store, Volcano

Monique called home to her boyfriend of 10 years, Al to let him know she’s spending another night here.  She’ll head home in the morning.  Al has become a welcomed part of our family.

P1140228.JPGMonique & Al



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