Memories in the Making

Monday, September 18, 2017 –

Patty’s off to print pillows today in Folsom.  Monique is following, but will continue on to her home in Redding.  She has been helpful to Patty around here for the last several days. A good Daughter she is.

Patty returned just in time to be here when Jeremy & Bee, some of you know her as Taylor.  Some may remember she was the best bartender at the St. George when we moved here?  We all know her as a beautiful woman of qualities.

Jeremy & Bee.jpg

The first time we went into Volcano just before closing escrow on our house, we stopped at the Whiskey Flats Saloon.  Bee was one of the bartenders, and happens to be the very first person I spoke to in Volcano.  She is my all-time favorite service person.

We became friends back then, but they now live in Folsom, and have become engaged to be married.  While we’ve stayed in touch all this time, we haven’t been able to visit for a few years, and it was really good to get together again.  Patty and I love these guys.  Really kind people.  Look at this couple; how could you not see all that in these two?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 –

After an evening of laughter, reminiscing, and listening to the blues we awoke the next day to have breakfast together before they had to get back to Folsom.  Bee has to work today.  I think it’s gonna be a tough one too.

They generously brought up some gum balls for the gum ball machine that has no gumballs, and made this sign for us too.  We mounted it on the front porch.


Today, we’ll nurture the soul, eat popcorn and watch movies while we contemplate what we might do tomorrow.

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