Chateau Three Fork

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 –

When Bee and Jeremy gave us the “Chateau Three Fork” sign they made for us, Bee asked what the story was behind the name?  I told them, and I’d like to share with you.

Back in 1995 Patty and the two girls had just moved into a rental home her parents owned.  It’s the same home we ended up buying from them and lived there our first 15 years together.  In 1995 neither one of us had work or a business for income.  We didn’t own anything other than our separate older cars.  We were both divorced or almost divorced, and scraping the bottom of the food chain.

One of their first nights there, Patty had invited me to dinner at her new home.  We sat down at the table to eat.  There were place settings for the four of us, but silverware service for three.  “What will I eat with”, I asked, “my fingers”?

Well, we ended up sharing a fork for dinner that night, hence the name “Three Fork”. When we moved to Volcano, Patty named our home after that romantic dinner.


We have acquired more forks since then.

Whoops, we’ve jumped the gun.  We have contacted our friends Jeff & Sharon living in Carmichael about us staying in their second home in Sequim Washington for a few days. Jeff has responded and said we could, and we’d get together tomorrow for lunch to give us the keys, and make the arrangements.

We planned on leaving this coming Monday, taking a couple of days to get there by car. Once there we would have Jeff and Sharon’s home as a base.  From there we thought we would ferry up to Victoria Canada, and another day trip into Seattle.

Returning, we would visit the Olympia National Park for a day.  Then continue along the Pacific Coast through Washington and Oregon, into Northern California, but we’ve since (Patty) decided I  might need a little more recovery time from the chemo, pneumonia, and blood infection, (E-coli).

Thinking it further, we’d hate to get stuck in a hospital out of state.  We had a short window to fulfill this planned trip, and it’s a bit sad we must postpone this trip for another day.  Thanks Jeff & Sharon.

Today, Patty plans on designing a couple of pillow orders she’s received, and working on the plumbing.  It’s also a meeting day for her quilting group, which she hasn’t been able to attend since I became ill, if time permits, she may attend this as well.   I’d like to go into Pioneer to pick up an Angus beef Tri-Tip to BBQ Saturday night.  My Son, Kurt will be bringing my Grandboys, Mason and Madix up for the weekend.

Sunday, we’ll all go to Roaring Camp near here in Pine Grove.  I’ve made reservations for us to take a guided tour down a canyon to an old gold mining camp on the Mokelumne River.  In the past, it was accessible only by horseback.  I understand they’ll take us down by wagon.  Here’s an excerpt from their web-site describing the experience.

Roaring Camp was once a camp for Forty Niners, but since it was so inaccessible, most of the gold still remains. The boys will be able to see their operating gold mine and can mine their own gold by panning, sluicing, metal detecting, or dry washing (they provide the equipment, and training).

In the Mokelumne Canyon, the three forks of the Mokelumne River come together.  It is a river unsurpassed in natural beauty.  There are waterfalls and natural rock formations forty feet high.  There is also a quiet, secluded “swimming hole” with rocks of varying sizes.  They say the fishing here is excellent!

Reading the reviews for Roaring Camp, appears gold is often found by the guests, and of course they can keep it.  I believe it would thrill the boys find some gold for themselves to keep.  I expect this experience to be fun for all of us.  I’m looking forward to this!

The late afternoon arrived with an ominous looking cloud cover.  We expect showers soon.  We went out to our uncovered stash of lumber to move it inside the shop.  We gathered the outside seat cushions, and threw some tarps over a couple of things.

An hour later, the showers came in the form of a down pour, but was short lived.  Showers continue as of this writing.

This evening, Patty cooked up this 11 lb. spiral cut ham for dinner tonight.  It was delicious!  We’ll cut much of it into smaller containers to be frozen for other meals.  Patty will make ham and bean soup with the bone.










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