Mama – Is this really the end?

Friday, September 22, 2017 – 

Yesterday (Thursday) was taken up with another visit to Mather Hospital.  Patty was concerned with my night of having sweats and chills, while my body temperature was a bit low.  She called the Oncology department about this and they asked that we come in “right away”.

We cancelled a planned lunch with Jeff in Plymouth, and got in just before noon for lab tests and chest x-rays.  Both are inconclusive showing my lungs clear, cell count, sodium levels, and temperature OK.  Only my blood pressure remains a little on the high side. Kinda normal for me.  Still, I appreciate Patty’s attentiveness to my health issues.  Each day we get further from the dangers created by chemo.  I’m so glad to be done with that.

So what to do on the first day of fall?  Thus far I’ve turned on the furnace heat for the first time since last Spring.  It’s 41º at 5:30am this morning.  We’ll see how the day plays out.

We ended up laying around all day until Jay and Jim called.  Jay ran out of gas not knowing his gas gage quit working.  Patty and I got dressed, rounded up two cans of gas, a siphon hose, and headed down the hill.

We find them about four miles away, got the gas in the tank, and then raced home to outrun a thunder buster.  Patty had just washed the car yesterday.  We almost made it.

Catching the news tonight I heard a story about the broadcasting of “The End of the World” on a variety of media outlets presently.  It reminded me of another end of the world prediction…..

It was early spring of 1969.  I was living in either Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa.  The ’60’s truly were confusing, but I digress; so there were those professing the end about this time also.  The big story was a portion of Southern California would fall into the ocean.  A nearby church congregation preached it to their flock, and the brood up and left for Yuma Arizona.  This created a little more panic for those on the edge.

I was with a group of acquaintances on the “Eve of Destruction”.  The end became the dominant conversation throughout the night of partying.  The end was to come to our beaches shortly after the dawn’s light.  It would come as a large wave to take us out.  I left wherever I was before dawn.

With a foggy, buzzed mind I was thinking a big a wave like that ought to be seen firsthand, since you’re already there anyway,,,  so I drove to Newport Beach, a few miles away to await the dawn’s early light.

Sunrise came without incident.  While walking along the waterline of the ocean front early that morning, I crossed paths with a nice looking lady doing the same.  We struck up conversation, and became friendly toward one another.

California didn’t fall into the ocean, and later I was visiting that lady living in an apartment.  She showed me her photo portfolio produced by Playboy Magazine.  Now, being a young, somewhat excitable boy, I stuck around for awhile longer.

Palm Springs Pop Festival '69

Some weeks later in April of ’69, we got tickets, and caught a ride to the Palm Springs Pop Festival.   That link is as close as I could find describing the event most accurately.  There is more to the story, and I could add to it, but not here.

I will say the festival is only part of the story.  You would have to include the aftermath where 10,000 hippies trekked up Taquitz Canyon, to go swimming at the falls.  The Taquitz Mountains are on the south side of Palm Springs.   I couldn’t find any links to that story, but the times were wild, and there were days when you really thought it was the end.

Palm Springs was a small town then of about 5,000 people.  20,000 showed up for the festival.  PS wasn’t ready for that.  Riots broke out, and it became somewhat of a mess.  It seems that was the order of the day back then.  Similar to today.

However, the only “end” that came was the end of that short lived relationship.  I just remember by July, the day we first landed on the moon, I ended up hitchhiking to Tahoe City.  I spent the rest of the summer’s weekends there mostly on Commons Beach, often passing a Frisbee down the beach collecting change to buy Red Mountain Wine to party with the tourist.  I seem to remember it was $1.49 for a 1/2 gallon from Lucky’s Supermarket. These things will happen if you’re little adventurous.

Jay stopped in for the evening.  Among other delights, we finished the night with French vanilla ice cream over fruit turnovers, smothered in caramel and chocolate syrup.



2 thoughts on “Mama – Is this really the end?

  1. Ron, I love your blogs. Especially this one. We moved from MN to Sac in 1970. While looking for a home to buy, we lived at the Mack Rd Apts. One if the neighbors brought over a gallon of Red Mountain wine. I was a non drinker and that wine was sweet and had a little effervescent to it. Welcome to the “Pop Wine” era. I love your stories and wonder how I would have fared had I lived then ( I was married, had four children and was in my late 20’s. I was a “green” very straight, conservative Mother/ wife so probably not well.) I didn’t drink, smoke, and had one partner for 20 years ( THAT’S the part I think I really missed out on!!). So I love your adventures and imagine myself in SOME, NOT ALL of them.

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