Friday, September 29, 2017 –

Coincidence?  On  this very same date back in 1897, and at our very same location here at Chateau Three Fork,,,,,

Nothing happened!

Actually, I guess I had nothing happening.  Well I did dig another post hole for the new retaining wall yet to be installed.  That’s’ plenty for the day.

Patty had started getting the Glamper ready for a new paint job.  She’s removed all the windows, and ordered new stainless steel screws to replace the old galvanized ones.  She needed 560 of them, but found it was a better buy ordering a 1,000.  If anyone needs 1″ #8 stainless hex-head screws, just let us know.  We have 400 left over.

She also spent much of the day designing and then off to print new designs to place on our website,  Welcome Pillows.  We’ll be taking these pillows to the vintage glamper show in Plymouth tomorrow.  We’ll walk the parking area and expose our RV products to the exhibitors, and maybe sell one or two?  (if we don’t get kicked out).  We have no shame. We prefer to think of it as entrepreneurial.


Click Here to see more RV Pillows

Then in the afternoon several neighbors stopped by to share their favorite adult beverage on their way to the corner to get their mail.  It’s a regular occurrence, but we always enjoy their company, and we keep a few extra drinks around for that eventuality.

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