Half Moon Sunday

Sunday, October 1, 2017 –

Good Sunday Morning!  Hope you all feel as well as I do on this new fall month of October!  The weather is pleasantly inviting us to the outdoors.

p1140572.jpgI’m feeling quite close to  normally good.  I still run hot, then cold some, but not as severeally as I was recently.

It feels like my ribs are healing,  as I’m not noticing the pain so intensely, and I feel a bit stronger as evidenced by walking with Patty more than five-hours yesterday.  It’s a good day to be above ground.

One of the initial concerns when we started the chemo was losing my appetite.  This hasn’t happened.  I eat quite a bit.  Example; today for breakfast I had three sausages, potatoes, two eggs, two servings of strawberries, and four cinnamon rolls, with two cups of coffee.  I’m not losing any weight.

Let me mention here that Patty doesn’t eat like I do.  Her breakfast, aside from occasional oatmeal, is almost always a bowl of granola.  She doesn’t care for coffee or any other drink, and no toast.  I can’t do that.

I have lost some hair, which I couldn’t afford, but it’s falling out less each day as the chemicals leave my system.  The trick now is to keep all of this going in this right direction.

To help with that I take about twelve different vitamins, Lisinopril for heart pressure, and a cap of CBD.  We’ve taken to organic foods as much as reasonably possible.  I am sleeping some better too.  So that’s the medical update.  Next phase to be – radiation -.

After breakfast we went outside to get the house exterior cleared for painting.  We removed all the outside wall decor, cleared the porches, and removed any loose items laying about the foundation.


This leaves us only needing to pressure wash the outside of the house, and we’ve planned that for Tuesday, as we expect Al and Monique will want to start painting on Wednesday, in spite of Al hitting a deer with their car.

Al’s on the left in the picture to the right

Having a some daylight left Patty started on pressure washing Glampers’ top.  It will be resealed with an appropriate sealer Patty’s arranged to buy tomorrow Camping World.

Superwomen moved on to grinding some New York cuts we had frozen.

Neighbors Jeff and Cindi stopped in.  They’re busy folk, and we’re always happy they share some time with us.  They’ve graciously helped us with projects along this journey.

We’ve agreed to have dinner together.  Patty produced the end result of the grind with an amazing meat loaf for us.  Get this recipe…

We had a half-moon evening with a fine meal, and great company.


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