Living on

Monday, October 2, 2017 – 

The “National Weather Service'” forecast shows the day could be blustery with some winds, and a high temperature of 66°.  This report comes from a station on Mt. Zion approximately five-miles from here at about the same elevation.

We’ve determined we need to power wash the house siding today instead of tomorrow.  Patty will be going to Folsom to print pillows on Tuesday.  We’ll get to this when the sun comes up and warms some.

When we first started with the cancer, we encountered a doctor that gave us his worst projection of any others regarding the “time I have left”.  He told Patty and me I’d live three to four months.  Well today he’s been proven wrong as four-months have passed since being diagnosed, and I feel better now than I have since the beginning of the end.

I am thinking I should change the title of this blog now.  Rather than a story of life from a man told he’s dying, I’m thinking it should a story of life from a man who’s living.

Remember the meatloaf from yesterday?  Guess what’s for lunch today?

Patty continued through the afternoon working on her vintage trailer, getting it closer to be painted.

I worked on the new retaining wall.  I’ve secured two posts at this point.  These will support the pecky cedar boards measuring 2 2/4″ thick by 12″ wide.

Mike and Cheyenne stopped by for awhile.  Cheyenne is eight-years old and carrying about 125 lbs. doesn’t get up this way much any longer.  An absolutely beautiful dog we always enjoy her visits.






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