Fall Tales draped in drones

Tuesday, October 3. 2017 –

We finally got a company to come out here and give us an estimate for rain gutters.  We’ve been trying to get someone out here for over two-months.  They started removing the old gutters first thing this morning.  They say they’ll be back in two weeks to put the new ones on.  I’m a little skeptical.

Patty’s left for the Valley to print fabric.  Arriving at the shop, she couldn’t open her hard-drive containing the files she needed.  She’ll return and try to fix it, but most likely will have to go again tomorrow.  That could be problematic as the painting is scheduled to start tomorrow morning as well.

Road crews are here digging out the drainage ditches along the sides of the road this morning, creating quite a dust storm.  Then we got a little rain, which helped settle the dust to almost nothing.  The County did this in anticipation of the coming rain and snow.

Patty got home and power washed the entire house this evening.  It’s a cool day and getting soaked to the bone wasn’t pleasant.  I’ve hardly been outside today due to the cool weather.  While it’s considered cool, to me it is quite cold, and I stay in where it’s warmer.  Not my first choice as many of you know I’m an outdoor kinda guy,  but I’ve become very sensitive to the colder weather.

7:00 pm – Al and Daughter Monique arrived from Redding.  A quick ravioli pasta dinner with Cesar salad and we all turned in to be ready for a days work tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 – 

Started today with a good breakfast.  The road crews are again kicking up a lot of dust.  We’re hoping they get finished soon so we can paint the house this morning, or at least start on it.

Al didn’t realize how much we needed to paint, thinking it was much less.  It will be a four-day job.  The plan is to paint the front of the house and new garage today, and then  paint the backside tomorrow.   Monique and Patty will paint the trim which will hopefully get it done in these two days.

Patty and Monique have left to print and buy more painting supplies we found we are short of having.  Additionally, we’re finding the spray compressor will not build pressure.  It was rented from Kelly-Moore in Roseville.  That’s too far to take back today, and they only have the one we’ve acquired.  Need ideas – time to Google.

Al remembered one he saw in a pawn shop at Lake Tahoe.  I found it, called to hear they sold it.  I went out to tell Al this, and he and Jeff got the rental working, so he’s painting.  Jeff took a satellite bracket off the house.

Patty & Monique returned with painting supplies.  Monique broke out a drone to fly with a video camera on it.

This thing was amazing to watch flying.  It can travel 2,200 ft. high, and we’re not sure how far away, but probably close to a mile.  It has a video and still camera.  Here’s a selfie from a drone, but not the best quality, due to being still in the learning stages.

drone pic.png

Notice the plywood used for a launching pad.  You can press “home”, and the drone will come back and land on it.  Remarkable, this is way beyond for us non-cell phone users!

After playtime, it was back to work.

The evening comes and we headed to Sutter Creek to have Pizza for dinner at “Gold Dust Pizza”.  This is one of the best you’ll find.  There may be one close or even better in Texas, but this place is a winner too.

Needing to finish this excellent dinner off properly, we walked a short distance to a bar/restaurant formally JD’s Steak House, now Cavella’s.  We stopped here and had scrumptious desserts.

Just another lousy day in paradise.

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