“Most Folks are as Happy as they Make up their Minds to be.” -Abe Lincoln

Thursday, October 5, 2017 –

Today I’ve decided to be happy, for all of us, and you…  Actually, we’ll be happy if the paint sprayer works one more day, and let’s Al finish the house paint job today!

I had a comment from a dear friend of 45 years, Ron in Utah  He was noticing and commenting on my weight gain.  I wrote him back, “the last time I weighed in was Sept. 21st, and was at 142 lbs, which was 6 lbs over the previous weigh-in”.

Taking a break here, I jumped on the scale.  It read 152.6 lbs.  That’s allowing 6 lbs for clothing.  Could I’ve really gained 10lbs in a month?

“I’m shamelessly proud of that poochy pouch I’m growing, because you don’t know how many bowls of ice cream with fruit, pies, cakes, caramel puddings, and a ton of strawberries I’ve had to consume to get it on here”.   Speaking so it’s lunch time!

The painting of the house continued today.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get it quite finished, leaving about 1/2 of the rear of the house to paint.  The front is finished and trimmed.

The paint people at Lowe’s forgot to add the color so some of the paint we bought, and we ran short.

Patty and Monique went back to Lowe’s early today, but they were out of that paint.  Bummer.

Al got all the equipment cleaned up, including himself, and we left for our 7:00pm reservation at the Volcano Union Inn for dinner.

Duck Wings, Chicken and Mac, Gnocchi w/ butternut sage sauce, Bolognaise


Me and Chef Mika.  We’ve known Mika for several years now.  Patty used to run the Cannonball Run here in Volcano for three years.  This annual event is a parade, breakfast, and car show held over the July 4th Holiday celebration.

Patty raised money through car show participants, donations, and a raffle.  The excess funds were used for maintenance of the community, and scholarship awards to local high school kids.

Mika was always helpful with the breakfast, ordering the food, storing, and then providing for us on the July 4th event held every year.  Thanks again for that, and tonight’s (every night’s) great meals Mika!

She continued volunteering for this event until I got wrecked, and was needed here at home.  She is also a volunteer for the Volcano Theatre Company, designing costumes or the painting of the play’s stage sets. Wonder (ful) woman!

Tomorrow, Friday we leave about 8:00am for Travis AFB to schedule my radiation treatments with the Doctor.  It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive.  Al and Monique will return to their home in Redding, and will return to finish the paint job another day.

Next time Al will have his own spray rig, which we rented this time.  We’ve kicked in towards the cost of a new rig as a gift and a thank you for a most professional and excellent job!   Thank you both for the hard work you put forth…..

See you guys when we get back.



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