Short Story

Saturday, October 7, 2017 –

Most of Patty’s day consisted of working on the glamper.  She is to the stage she’ll paint the rooftop tomorrow.


I worked a little, (very little) on the newer retaining wall.  I’m not much good for more than this in a day.  Digging and setting the posts are tough on me.  Nonetheless, it will be finished soon.  It’s a small wall compared to the other one.


Jay dropped in to check out the work we’ve asked him to take on with modifying the fascia’s on the porch.  Not because they’re bad, but due to the new gutters that will go up.  Not a big job.  He’ll wait until the gutter guy gets finished before starting.

He stayed for dinner, leaving about 8:30pm.  Settling down for the evening, Patty carried our dog, Chloe, a 5 1/2 lb. Chihuahua to me with a problem.  She was trembling, and unsteady.  We all love our pets, and this was a scary situation.

We took her to an emergency hospital in Sutter Creek.  We arrived about 10:00pm.  The Vet gave her an injection of Valium, and another of a steroid.  The diagnosis was she had a seizure due to suspected epilepsy.  The drugs brought her out of it.

After some blood work and her settling down, we are told all her organs are functioning well.  The Doc cut us loose, and we got home just before 1:00am.  Another exhausting experience, and cost $500.



4 thoughts on “Short Story

  1. Soooo sorry to hear of little Chloe’s problems. I hope she gets better – you ALL have my prayers and good thoughts. Hugs.
    Terri Y

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