Sleepy Sunday

Sunday, October 8, 2017 –

Last night was a late one for us, but Chloe appears normal this morning.  That makes all of yesterday’s trauma and drama worthwhile. She’s got her sea legs back, and appears lucid, even begging for treats again.  I’m glad she is too.  One never wants another Doctor’s bill, but apparently this vet did the right thing for the dog.

With everyone here to live another day, we carried on as usual,,,, working.

Patty started painting Glamper with the primer coat this morning.  She bought her sprayer some time ago at a garage sale for $20, but she’s never used this one or another.  Monique’s Al, the painter said it was a good one.  We know nothing about paint sprayers.

Patty has painted the back and one side of the glamper.  She got a few runs in the paint, but those can be sanded off.  It’s the first time she’s held a paint sprayer, so no penalty.  By the time she finishes the primer coat, she’ll become proficient using this sprayer without any issues – I’m sure of it.

I did a little more on the retaining wall.  This one day project is gonna take one more day and I should have it finished.  I’m only motivated to dig one or two post holes a day.  If it wasn’t for the weakness, and lack of stamina I’ve been dealt, I’d probably feel normal.  Well, I mean normally disabled????


We stopped working today before the sun went down.  I picked up tools, trash, and closed up the chicken pen.  Patty has made some pork burritos and rice for dinner.  We’ll take a seat, and that’s gonna be a day.

Thanks for tuning in…

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday

  1. Patty has worked hard to get it this far, I’ll make sure she sees you kind comment. I’m sure you guys are ready to sit quietly for a stretch. You work way hard. I hope my bud gives up those worldly desires, and retires! Thanks…

  2. The paint job is looking good. Can hardly wait to see it!. The BIG Fresno Fair is over on Sunday. GOOD luck with your Dr appt ( s) B&T❤❤

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