Sentenced to a Life of Hard Labor

Monday, October 9, 2017 –

Patty got out early today, and continued painting the glamper.  She finished the primer coat without getting another run in the paint.  I told you…

She’ll be moving on to apply the first coat of the finishing coat next.  Starting with a base coat of off-white paint.  After applying the base coat, she’ll mask off a design she plans to incorporate over the base on all four sides.  The design will be in turquoise.

Lastly, She’ll  tape off her turquoise design with a 1/2 inch black vinyl pinstriping she’s ordered from Amazon.  Other than garage sales, most of our shopping is online.  UPS is our friend.

After cleaning up the sprayer, and putting tools away, she started cleaning and polishing the aluminum she previously removed.  It’s cleaning up nicely, considering this glamper was manufactured in 1964, but then she did get herself a professional polishing kit for the aluminum.  We’re also fortunate to not have found dry rot anywhere, being that old.

Neighbor Jeff came over with some tools, and an anvil type piece of iron to take the kinks out of the aluminum drip-rails.  Some of the corners had been hit, and bent.

Jeff is a most helpful person to many of us on our road.  He’s a classic, and class act neighbor!  He did a fantastic job straightening the rails out!  Thank you Jeff…


I finished putting up the new wall of Cedar as planned, and in fact beyond planned, as I ran out of pecky Cedar, but Jeff (yep, same man) came up with a six-foot piece that fit, and allowed me to proclaim the job – – – – “Good enough”.


Neighbor Neva, who lives across the road from us with her husband Spider arrived home this afternoon.  Patty had stopped working for the day, and flagged her down to share a glass of wine, which she accepted.

Leaving the ladies to their own devices and the wine, I went inside  to make dinner for Patty.  I made a simple dish mostly consisting of vegetables.  That’s what Patty likes the most for a meal.


Patty’s visit with Neva went on until about 7:30pm, making for a later dinner, but I still found it early enough to indulge in a dessert.  There’s a slice of triple chocolate cake under that pudding and ice cream.  My appetite remains in the good range.

This pretty much wraps up another laborious, but satisfying  day.






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