California’s Armageddon

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 –

Patty left for Folsom to print pillows this morning.  From there she’ll be visiting her Father, Bill who was admitted to the hospital yesterday for a heart condition.  At 85 years old, he’s a tough man, and we hope for a successful and complete recovery for him soon.

bill-georgette.jpgPatty is all family.  She is very attentive to both her parents.  I admire her for that, and in so many other ways.

Bill has been most generous over the years sharing his vast construction skills, providing many hours helping remodel this house, and our previous home in the Valley.

Bill is retired Air Force, and met Patty’s Mother while stationed in France.  They have two Daughters, Patty and Mimi, both born in France, and they all speak fluent French, (except  me).  Patty has a dual citizenship.

I took a dozen eggs down to neighbors John and Janet.  They’ve bought our eggs for a few years now, but today they are free. This is where we visited for the afternoon a couple of months ago, and collected veggies from their garden.  He asked why they’re free?  I said, “I like your tomatoes”.

It’s over a mile to their home.  Most of the mile is on their property down a canyon overlooking the valley miles below.  There’s amazing views as you ascend the mountain down into their canyon.  The mountain ranges below seem so vast, and you feel the world large about you!

Patty’s left the hospital.  She said her Dad is doing well, but will remain there for now.  She’s finished printing, shopping at Costco, and should arrive in an hour.  I will finish putting the dishes away I washed earlier.  I’ve planned on making her dinner after she gets in.  It’s 6:00pm now.

I know she’s had a trying time lately.  Taking care of me, cleaning her parents house almost weekly for them, hustle of maintaining a household, and then the stress she deals with me and her parents having health concerns.  I know she could use a break.

This morning I ground up a New York cut of meat in the meat grinder.  I made myself a burger and fries for lunch.  I cooked up some extra burger, which I’ll use to make Patty Taco’s in a hard shell corn tortilla tonight when she gets home.  I’ll cook lamb chops for myself, but Patty doesn’t care for lamb, hence the tacos.

The fires here in Northern California are growing in the wine country in the Napa area.  Half of Santa Rosa has burnt down, and I just heard the fire has crossed into Solano County threatening the town of Fairfield.

That’s where we’re scheduled to be this coming Monday to start radiation treatments.  I can’t imagine it reaching Travis AFB though.  Not with the fire department they must have on the base, but the extra protection they will command being such a large Military Institution.

This “Napa Fire” is creating chaos commanding thousands of evacuations.  The fire has burnt several wineries, many structures, and more than a dozen deaths.  San Francisco Airport has many cancelled flights due to smoke limiting the visibility, and Interstate 80 is jammed.  It remains a dangerous, and increasingly sad situation for so many there,

Napa Fire

We had a fire near us two years ago.  Five-hundred homes were lost within 25 miles of us here.  The fire came close enough we gathered important papers as a precaution.

Another fire burning presently in the same area presently,  costing the loss of four structures thus far.  While fairly close, we are not threatened at this time as the Mokelumne River separates us from this fire, and it is 70% contained.

A couple more chores taking longer than anticipated, Patty got home just before 8:00pm.  I had dinner on for her.  I’m glad I did so.  She’s a bit weary and tired of hospitals.

Thanks for checking in….


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