Color it Fall

Thursday, October 12, 2017 – 5:30am

Digital StillCamera

Through my later motorcycle years Patty and I organized many a group ride to various parts of the wild West.  It was about this time of year we organized “The Fall Colors Ride”.  We put this ride on three-years in a row.  Often it was a cold ride high into the sierra’s.

We’ve seen it sunny and pleasantly cool, or we’ve ridden when it was treacherous, through snow and icy roads at elevations up to 8,000 feet.  Regardless of the conditions, with the trees tuning their fall colors, it was always a beautiful ride!  We usually stayed in the casino/hotel at Lake Topaz in Nevada, and stopped for lunch at Sorensen’s Resort.

During October ’06 we stayed at the Meadowview Lodge in Walker Nevada instead of Topaz.  Patty packed our saddlebags with a Mexican Burrito and Beans meal for everyone.  When dinner time arrived she used a plastic ice bucket to heat the meal in the room’s microwave, and fed us all!  She even brought the fine dinnerware.  Quite an accomplishment on a motorcycle!

We would ride through Hope Valley, high in the Sierra’s on Highway 88 where the colors were most vivid in October.  We’d stop here (below) for a Kodak moment.  The picture on the left was acquired this morning off my friend, Bob D.’s site.  Since he posted it this morning I believe it was taken more recently, but the one on the right I took in ’06,

Bob, is a former Marine Sergeant I met as a fellow Ride Captain with the Patriot Guard Riders.  Bob is a fine man, and excellent photographer. Wouldn’t you agree the difference is in the camera?  OK, maybe his is framed better too.  You can view his gallery on his Facebook page.   Thanks Bob.

Patty called the hospital this morning and spoke with her Dad.  He slept well, and will have an angiogram at 10:00am this morning.  His Doctor suspects some blockage.


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