Freaky Friday the 13th

Friday, October 13, 2017 – 

5:00 am – Patty spent most of yesterday working on the glamper.  She’s pressed with a deadline to get it painted, polish and clean the windows, re-install them with the door before the weather turns.  She’s trying to get as much done as she can before this coming Monday, when we’ll head to Fairfield to stay there for the next two weeks.

Her plan today is to start painting the finish coat.  Then clean and polish the window frames.  I offered to help polish, but she has no confidence in my ability to do the job as she expects.  I guess I’ll be on cruise control most of the day.  I’ll gopher her though.

Neighbor Len stopped by last night and shared in some wine with Patty.  I went to bed at 7:30pm.  Yeah, you read that right.  I find myself pretty tired at the end of the day.  I did sleep eight-hours though, and that’s better than usual.

I put together 10,500 Emails for “Welcome Pillows”, and sent them earlier this morning.  I will work on getting a few thousand more out later today.  We try to send 50,000 Emails every month.  We get little results with this method, but some is better than none.  I still believe….

Patty bought these trays for the supplements I take daily.  Only one of those in each container is a prescribed medicine.  She filled the trays for our two-weeks out of here, and had two subsequent weeks before having to refill.  She’s a wonderful caretaker lady.


Patty called The Fisher House on Travis AFB yesterday.  Rooms there are on a first come, first basis system.  When they have an opening they’ll call the next one on their waiting list.  There are two Fisher Houses on the base.  One is 5,000 square feet, and the newer one is 13,000 square feet.  In the meantime, Patty made reservations there.

9:00 am – The gutter guy showed up this morning to install new gutters all around the house.  We’ve called five companies over the past three months.  BDK Gutters is the only company we could get out here all summer.

They’ll have all the gutters up today.  We’re only having downspouts on the backside of the house.  The frontside will have a chain coming from out of the drain in the gutter to the ground for the water to drip down.

12:00 pm – Patty continues painting the glamper, but is interrupted by the phone.  It’s the Travis Fisher House Assistant Manager, Jane informing us we have a room for the next two weeks.  We’ll check into the larger and newer house (20140) on Monday (yay).

Jane went on to invite us to a luncheon Tuesday at the Fisher House.  They’re having a guest speaker,,,  Sully Sullenberger  Too cool eh? Thank you VA and Fisher House….

Another benefit with the House verses the hotel is having home cooked meals instead of having to go out nightly for meals.  Mara also mentioned that the kitchen is fully stocked.

Patty, is somewhat weary from painting the final coat on all day.  She has most of it painted.  I’ll share some pictures once she’s finished with her project.

I concocted a meal for her tonight… Goodnight


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