Get on the Train

Monday, October 16, 2017 – 

5:00am – Patty spent all day Saturday painting her trailer.  I cleaned and polished some of the aluminum window frames.  Being a bit sore, we took a break Sunday.

I did anyway.  Patty doesn’t do that, but with expecting rain this week, we did get the glamper covered with tarps for rain.

We’re leaving for Travis AFB this morning.   Usually we are able to drop the dog, Chloe off with Patty’s parents to watch over when we have to leave, but Patty’s Father, Bill is still in the hospital.  They installed a defibrillator in his chest to regulate his heart.  In doing so they caused a collapsed lung.

However he is expected to recover, and will be released in a day or two, but the plan for him watching the dog is scrapped.  Thankfully, Toby and Barbara will come up tonight from the Valley and stay here for the week watching over the animals.

We had asked this favor of them with short notice .  They’ve just been in New York for weeks.  Then directly off to Fresno this week, working the Fair circuits as a vendor.  Toby sells telescopic flag poles and flags for the yard at these shows.

He’ll get home today and will come directly up here tonight.  Thank you T&B for bailing us out.  Neighbor Neva had agreed to take care of the chickens and the canaries, but Toby and Barbara will take care of that now. Thank you Toby & Barbara, and thank you too Neva.  We’d be in deep dung if not for family, friends and the generous hand of  our neighbors.

We’ve just been informed of another friend losing their home to fire here in Northern California.  That is five homes lost to fire by people we know.  Fire is our greatest fear living in the mountains.  However, this recent loss was in Santa Rosa where that concern probably wasn’t as much a concern.  We’re so sorry for all those suffering fire losses.

Since we’ll be at Travis AFB all week, I may not have much of anything to write about.  We’ll see how that goes.  In the meantime, thank you for reading.






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