Nuclear Boots

Monday, October 17, 2017 –

In & Out Burger

We left at 8:30am today.  After stopping to print pillows in Folsom, visiting with Bill at UC Davis hospital, stopping for lunch at “In & Out Burger”, buying a few things at the Walmart, and meeting Ivana five-minutes before our appointment to check into the house at 1:45pm, where we’ll stay for the next two-weeks, we found this place to be by far the best accommodations we could’ve hoped for!

Fisher House.jpg

2:15pm – We walked to the hospital for my first radiation treatment.  It only takes about fifteen minutes for this machine to make several rotations around my body shooting the deadly rays into  the spots marked by tattoos on me. DSCF2736.JPG

The hard table and raising my arms above and behind my head to grasp the two handles you see was extremely uncomfortable, and caused me discomforting pain later in the night.

The evening came and while the kitchen here is well stocked with available food, we drove  a short distance to a food court to split a Philly Cheese sandwich here on the base.





Afterward, we walked through the BX (Base Exchange) within the same building.  It’s a large retail department store selling name brand items.  The prices are probably good for the quality, but I find it expensive, and who needs this stuff?

We could obtain an ID to use this store and the commissary next door, but I think we’ll pass on that.  We got back to the house, and turned in for the day.





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