Beautiful Weather for a stroll

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 –

Patty and I awoke here at the Fisher House at 4:00am.  We went to the kitchen and had a light breakfast.  Back at 5:00am and back to bed until 7:30am.  We both got about twelve-hours of sleep.  I said it was comfortable here.


This week, is being saved by our amazing neighbors again, Chloe, our little dog is staying with Skip & Laura.  They’ve graciously offered to keep her for us. Neighbor Neva is watching the birds.  Thanks guys!

On the way out of treatment yesterday, I got a flu shot.  Shortly afterward Patty, searing a rib eye steak, smoked up the entire kitchen and lounge.  Those of us with breathing problems scrambled for the back door to get air.  It was a bad moment.  More so for another patient here, but in Patty’s defense, we don’t usually cook a steak in the house, and that’s what can happen when you do.  I felt bad for Patty, as she was so sorry for the smoke.  The dinner was fantastic!

This morning we went back to the I.D. issuing place, and as we did yesterday to complete Patty’s application, and same as yesterday, took three hours to process.  The problem is that Patty’s social security number comes up with another woman’s name, born five-years earlier than her.  Another project to work on.

After the Fed’s investigation with the SS Office, over six-hours, spanning two-days, we are  both bonafide, with Military I.D.’s.  I inquired, and was informed these benefits will continue on for Patty after I assume the prone position.  Another pleasant surprise.

We left to get our oil changed here on base. $29.29 out the door.  It took an hour so we walked one-half mile (and back) to the bowling alley.  Patty played bingo, but lost both dollars.  We came back and had the spaghetti dinner with garlic pizza bread she brought for the house to share.  Yummy stuff.  Of course cherry pie afterward.





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