Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Saturday, October 21, 2017 –

8:00 am – Patty drove us to a garage sale two-miles up the road.  She found a tall wall mirror for the guest bath – cost $1.00.

20171021_104441.jpgReturning, we stopped by Jay’s house to show David Jay’s wood mill.  I asked Jay if he’d had breakfast?  He said he hadn’t and I asked him if he’d like to come by and eat this morning?  He asked, “Oh, you mak’n breakfast”?  I said if you have some potatoes and bacon I am.  He did, and I did.  We added David’s wife, Lori’s homemade bread, and dried fruit to the meal – excellent!  Thank you Lori!

After breakfast we went into Volcano Village for a walking tour with David.  We stopped at another friends house in the village, and ended up buying a 1950’s ice cream parlor table and four heart chairs from him for Patty’s birthday tomorrow, Sunday.

Getting back just before 2:00 pm, David’s ride was here waiting for him.  We had a short visit with his friend Kay, and family, and they were on their way back to Utah.  What a treat to have a friend like David go to such an effort to visit.  I feel so honored by his coming here.  It’s a tough trip getting here, and it was great seeing David again!

Since we were leaving for the past week, we had depleted our food inventory.  We told Toby and Barbara we had no food left here for their stay, as it was unanticipated.  So they brought some up with them for the week.  Strangely enough, We found some of their chicken dinner left-overs, and that became tonight’s meal.  How ironic that I feel guilty?  We’ll shop when we can stay here again.

We were able to make arrangements for little dog, Chloe to be taken care of for the coming week.  Good neighbors Skip & Laura will keep her at their home until we get back again.  We’ll leave Monday.

Years ago we trained Chloe to be a Service Dog, and made her an identification card showing so.  We are going to check with the Fisher House this coming week to see if service dogs are permitted to stay?


2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

  1. Glad you guys all got together, david and lori had lunch at the house and showed Hump the blog, still working on print copy for him, ron and patty we enjoy this blog and we are hopeing for the best
    Love craig and Diane

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