Homeward Bound

Friday, October 27, 2017 –

5:00am – Heading to the kitchen for coffee, I encounter a Vet, Johnathon.  He is one of two chefs staying here for treatment.  I discovered he is a comedian also.  The man had me in stitches for two-hours.  He doesn’t stop.

We completed our last treatment for the lung at 8:40am this morning and then a quick stop at the commissary to get a few things for the three-day weekend at home, we’re outta here, heading to those lovely mountains.  We’ll return Tuesday to start brain treatments, – uh, no comments here please.

We ran into another house resident at our appointment taking a shuttle bus to Mather at 1:30pm, and then he’ll catch the light rail to Folsom, and walk from the station.  We offered a ride to him so he wouldn’t have to wait half the day for the bus.  We drove him to his home.

Got to home sweet home about 12:30pm, after a taco and enchilada lunch in Plymouth.  It is so nice to be in our own home.

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