Mind over Matter; It doesn’t Matter if you don’t mind

Thursday, October 19, 2017 – 

5:00 am – My dear friend, Hump, has sent me many good books over the years.  Hump lives alone on the Ranch in Utah.  He’s the person I partnered with on that property and moved up there near him in Monarch Utah during the winter of 1974.

Hump’s lived there since about 1972, and lives the life of a hermit.  I first met Hump on a privately rented party bus from Salt Lake City to Denver to attend a hockey game in 1972.  This is another story for later.

Being a scholar of many religions he has an interestingly unique perspective on life, and the process of living it.  He is certainly a man’s man, and a pure example of a gentleman.  Recently he sent me a book by Swami Rama, called “Sacred Journey“.

This book is about the relationship between life and death.  It provides ideas that could be helpful in preparing for the transition called death.  I think it matters not where you find the ability to alleviate the fear of death, whether real or perceived.  It’s called having faith?  Besides, whatever’s on the other side remains regardless, and there’s no way I’ve seen to change that whatever thing is.

I’ve started reading this, and find it quite interesting.  I plan to integrate some of the ideas into my daily life.  I mean it can’t hurt finding ways to do this thing peacefully.  I don’t hold much for organized religions.  I’m not saying they’re wrong, but rather it’s just not for everyone’s appetite, and I find they become political anyway.  I do like Jesus.  He never had a religion or church.

The endeavor for me is to get out of here as gracefully as possible.  Similar to the way our beautiful neighbor, Cindy died recently, gracefully.  I wish for my family to minimize the grieving part, and celebrate my life happily, as having been lived as a most complete and satisfying journey.  I certainly don’t feel I’ve missed much!  Not that dying is imminent.  I feel pretty good, and the side effects of radiation are minimal.

We are looking for today to be a day of excitement.  Our friend David should arrive sometime tonight from Utah, and barring it becoming too late, we’ll leave the base to meet him at a motel he’ll find to stay the night here in Fairfield, and then ride back to Volcano with us tomorrow morning.

Speaking of Fairfield, the calm weather has left us.  It has returned to being windy.  Winds are clocking at 20 MPH this morning, with a storm front moving in tonight, bringing a little welcomed moisture in the way of rain and snow at 6,500 feet elevation.  Hopefully, this helps our firefighters, such as our family friend, Firefighter Jesse, Shelly’s husband.  Jesse just returned safely from a battle in Northern California.  Good on ya hero!  Besides being the Fireman, he’s a beautiful man for his family.

David arrived from Utah.  He caught a ride with a friend going to Northern California via I-80.  Kay his friend dropped David off and we timed it such that he didn’t have to wait for us.  We gathered him up, and went back to Travis where we had some dinner at the Fisher House.  Someone had dropped off a Tuna Salad, which was delicious.  We visited for awhile and took David to his hotel.  were able to secure a room in the Air Force Hotel on the base for him.

Friday, October 20, 2017 – We had arranged to change my treatment appointment for the morning.  Afterward we picked up David from the hotel, and stopped for breakfast at a Black Bear Diner.  We had a very good meal, and drove on to our home for the night.

We found Toby and Barbara had everything squared away for our return, and all the animals were happy.  So were we.   Toby and Barbara haven’t been home in weeks, and helping us out at this time, giving up another week of their time is so appreciated.  Thanks guys.

Not having much in the way of provisions, we went into Sutter Creek for pizza for dinner.  Returning home, the day quit on us.









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