Wednesday, October 18, 2017 –

6:00 am – Slept another ten-hours.  The Doc said the radiation would make me tired.  I can barely make it until the sun fades before I fall.

We made some breakfast in the house this morning, and ate on the outside patio, off the lounge area.  This place is exceedingly comfortable, and adequately stocked with good food.


12:00 pm – Lunch time came and Patty made us turkey sandwiches with iced tea


Once again we enjoyed being outside.  The weather is remarkably calm and pleasant.  Remarkable in that it is usually quite windy here, but not this week so far.

David called and said they’re leaving about 4:30 pm today for California.  They’ll stop somewhere when tired for the night.  We expect him sometime tomorrow night.  It’s about a fifteen-hour drive from there.

2:20 pm –  Walked to our treatment appointment.  Got a hankerin for Chinese food so we went to Raley’s Market and bought some.  Brought it back to the house and had an early dinner.

We’ll be asleep before very long.  Of course, cherry pie and French vanilla ice cream for dessert.
















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