3-Day Weekends

Sunday, October 29, 2017 –

We got back to Volcano early afternoon on Friday.  We did a little work on the glamper windows, but not much else going on.  Just glad to kick back here at home, and happy to have three-days here this weekend.  We start brain radiation on Halloween.  Perfect!

Son Kurt and his (and a family) life-long friend, Jeremy came up on Saturday evening.  We had BBQ Ribs, Corn, and French Fries for dinner.  Patty and the boys sat around the fire pit until 1:00am.  I was down at 7:30pm, maybe 8:00pm.

This morning Kurt and Jeremy are heading out a little early.  Jeremy is a Certified Permanent Makeup Technician.   He and his Mother own a salon in Fair Oaks, but today he will leave to work at a salon in San Jose for the day tomorrow.

Before they left, I made us a breakfast of Eggs, Louisiana Hot Sausage, Potatoes, Green Peppers, Onions, and toast with a bowl of Strawberries, and Banana slices.

Union patty bday

Patty’s parents, Bill & Georgette are coming up from Fair Oaks today.  They are treating us to an early (4:00pm) dinner at the Volcano Union Inn to celebrate Patty’s birthday, which was last Sunday, the 22nd. It was a wonderful evening, with great food, as usual for the Union.

I watched a video interviewing people about their pain and how they tolerate it with pain medication.  After watching three ladies, and I’d say they’re dong a good job in avoiding addiction.

I know something about pain now, and I have to resort to pain medication at times.  Not on a regular basis by any means, but according to the pain I’m having, I’ll start with something lower in dose.  That usually takes a edge off, and then simply tolerate what’s left to feel.  The alternative is to dive into addiction, and stay in a state of stupor, but hey,,,,  no pain eh?  Be careful out there.




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